E3 2002: Furious Karting announced for the Xbox

Infogrames announces a new driving game for the Xbox.


Furious Karting

Infogrames has announced a new racing game for the Xbox. Furious Karting will be a go-kart racing game that lets players choose to play as one of eight different drivers and race on indoor and outdoor tracks, as well as in over-the-top "fantasy stadiums." The game will be able to display up to 11 karts onscreen simultaneously, and it will have multiple play modes, including arcade, time trial, and scenario. Furious Karting's single-player game will offer different rewards depending on how the game is played. If players are aggressive drivers, they may unlock extra challenges, and if they drive fairly, they'll get different ending sequences. The game will also have a multiplayer mode with power-up items that players can use to attack their opponents.

Furious Karting is scheduled for release this fall.

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