E3 2002: Endgame preshow report

Empire Interactive releases new screenshots of its light-gun game for the PlayStation 2.


Empire Interactive has released new screenshots of Endgame, its story-driven light-gun game for the PlayStation 2. In it, you play as a young female taking on an evil corporation that has abducted her boyfriend. The game employs the traditional duck-and-shoot gameplay mechanics of other light-gun games like Time Crisis and features fully destructible 3D environments. You may shoot out lights and darken the room or blast the shade off a lamp to illuminate the room. Enemies will take cover and hide behind bulletproof shields after squeezing off a few rounds. As is the case with most light-gun games, there are innocents mingling with the enemies, so sharpshooting is always a must.

Featuring seven bosses and spanning 20 different locations, Endgame will support both the GunCon and the GunCon 2. Look for a hands-on report of Empire's shooting game from the E3 show floor.

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