E3 2002: Dynasty Warriors 3 Xbox preshow report

Koei brings its tactical action game to the Xbox.


At its press conference today, Koei announced that it plans to bring Dynasty Warriors 3, the latest installment in its Dynasty warriors series, to the Xbox. The game was released earlier this year on the 2830993PlayStation 2 and was the second Dynasty Warriors game to feature large-scale melee combat.

Dynasty Warriors 3 on the Xbox will be an enhanced conversion of the PlayStation 2 game and will offer features not found in the PS2 version. While full details on what the enhancements will entail have not been revealed, Koei's press materials listed several. Players will find two color variations for each character's costume, an increased number of game saves, faster loading, a higher level of difficulty, improvements to the bodyguard system that will add more strategy to the game, and the ability to add the ending movie to game's movie gallery option.

Dynasty Warriors 3 is slated to ship this fall for the Xbox. Look for more on the game from the E3 show floor.

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