E3 2002: Daredevil update

We took a look at an early version of Encore's upcoming Daredevil game.


While visiting Encore, we had a chance to sit down the Senior producer Eric DeMilt, and check out the status of Daredevil. We were able to see the Daredevil character in motion, who can perform a variety of basic animations, as well as some martial arts kicks and punches. Daredevil can also toss his trademark billy club, which can currently ricochet off of surfaces multiple times before returning to his hand. We also took a look at their current version of Hell's Kitchen, which included considerable amounts of geometry, including railings, telephone wires, and lamp posts, which the character will be able to use to travel across the playable areas.

We also took a look at the current version of Daredevil's sense capabilities, which is being represented by concentric circles of his radar sense, atop a featureless environment, where enemies and daredevil himself are represented by blurs of light. When activating this senses mode, which should be available at any time in the game, Daredevil will also be able to fight in slow motion. Daredevil is still early in development, and is scheduled for release in early 2003, alongside the Marvel Comics feature film.

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