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E3 2002: CDV Software announces its PC release schedule

CDV Software has 14 products coming to the PC in the next 12 months.


If game players love anything, they certainly love surprises. CDV Software--originally slated to show only seven upcoming products for the PC during the 2002 E3--has information on 14 products planned for North American release throughout the coming year.

    CDV's 2002-2003 release schedule:

  • Sudden Strike II (Q3 2002)
  • Divine Divinity (Q3 2002)
  • Project Nomads (Q4 2002)
  • Cossacks: Back to War (Q4 2002)
  • Breed (Q4 2002)
  • American Conquest (Q4 2002)
  • Neocron (Q4 2002)
  • Imperium Galactica III (Q1 2003)
  • Grom (Q1 2003)
  • Blitzkrieg (Q2 2003)
  • Psychotoxic (Q3 2003)
  • Sabotage (Q3 2003)
  • No Man's Land (Q4 2003)
  • Cossacks: Napoleonic Wars (Q4 2003)

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