E3 2002: Brainbox Games founded

Digital Extremes, the studio that cocreated the Unreal action game series, opens a second studio dedicated to developing games for console platforms.


Unreal Championship
Unreal Tournament 2003

Game developer Digital Extremes, best known for cocreating the Unreal action series, has opened Brainbox Games, a new game studio in Toronto dedicated to developing games for console platforms.

"Historically, PC games have been graphically and technically superior to console games because the console systems out there haven't had the technical capacity of a PC," said James Schmalz, founder and creative director of both Digital Extremes and Brainbox Games. "But with the new video game systems, console games are finally catching up, and we're now able to utilize our years of PC experience and talent to make really impressive games across every platform."

Digital Extremes is currently developing Unreal Championship for the Microsoft Xbox. After the game's release, the studio will return its focus to developing PC games. Brainbox Games' first game, which is planned for the Xbox, is already in production, and more information about the game will soon be announced.

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