E3 2002: Auto Modellista update

We uncover new details on Capcom's upcoming racing game.


We spoke a bit with Capcom representatives today, who told us a bit about what's left to develop in the US version of the company's upcoming racing game, Auto Modellista. For starters, the company is currently pursuing US car manufacturer licenses for the domestic version of the game. At present, only Japanese car models are included. The game's online feature set is currently being decided upon as well. The game is set to feature four-player online multiplayer. The company is also thinking about adding downloadable content to the game, as well as player-designed custom logos. Since that sort of downloadable content would probably require a bit of storage space, the company is also looking at adding support for the forthcoming PlayStation 2 hard drive.

We'll have more on Auto Modellista as it becomes available.

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