E3 2002: Agetec to publish RPG Maker 2

Agetec will be bringing its Designer Series of games to the PlayStation 2.


RPG Maker II

Agetec, the publisher of the Armored Core series, will be bringing a second rendition of its Designer Series of games to the PlayStation 2. The RPG Maker series gives players the opportunity to build their own turn-based combat RPG, with detailed controls for the scripting of events, monster encounters, and dialogue. RPG Maker 2 expands upon the first game by letting players delve into the creation of a fleshed-out, 3D fantasy world, with a more complex toolset than that available in the previous game. The new toolset includes character generators, background editors, special effects editors, text editors, and monster generators. RPG Maker 2 should also be much more user-friendly, with keyboard support through the PlayStation 2's USB port.

"RPG Maker 2 gives players their first opportunity to prove themselves as 3D game designers," said Sullivan. "Using the power of the PS2 to back this truly unique title, RPG Maker offers everything players could need to bring their own fantasy gameworlds to life."

RPG Maker 2 is currently scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2002.

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