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We've got early info on the upcoming PS2 Test Drive game.


Test Drive is coming to the PlayStation 2. Infogrames has signed on Pitbull Syndicate, the developer of Test Drive 4, 5, and 6, as well as Demolition Racer, to bring the Test Drive series to Sony's next-generation game console.

Test Drive for PS2 will feature an all-new game engine with stunningly realistic visuals and physics models. As you tool around in one of 20 exotic sports cars, relentless cops will chase your high-speed lawless self through a number of highly detailed real-world cities. The Dodge Viper GTS, Aston Martin DB7, Plymouth Cuda, and '69 Dodge Charger are just a few of the vehicles you can take out for a 150mph-plus spin on the highways of London and San Francisco.

Once again, Pitbull Syndicate is aiming to set Test Drive apart from the competition with the toughest AI this side of the Mississippi. Realistic physics with a moderate amount of arcade-style handling characteristics sums up the intended feel of the game, but a variety of random events, such as cross traffic, pedestrians, traffic lights, and smashable obstacles will bring added excitement.

In addition to the game's free run and career modes, Test Drive for the PS2 will feature a two-player split-screen mode for head-to-head competition.

As for how it looks, we can say that Pitbull Syndicate is building the game from the ground up using a graphics engine coded entirely in assembly language in order to squeeze the most out of the PS2. Numerous cutting-edge graphics techniques will push the game's realism to new heights, including antialiasing, mip mapping, real-time lighting, and multilevel reflection mapping. In short: shiny cars, crunching glass, and tons of shadows.

Check back for more on Test Drive for the PS2 from the E3 show floor later in the week.

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