E3 2001 Preshow ReportStuntman

The word is out on the latest game by the developers of Driver and Driver 2. Check out the first details.



Infogrames is teaming up with Reflections Interactive, the developer behind Driver and Driver 2, to bring you Stuntman, a stunt-driving game for the PlayStation 2. In the world of stunt driving, fear is failure. Stuntman aims to re-create this attitude with a number of specially enhanced vehicles and stunt sets based on a variety of blockbuster films.

The goal in Stuntman is simple: hit the gas and perform dangerous stunts in a variety of three- and four-wheeled vehicles. Success will make you a hero of the silver screen. The game's mission mode will take the player through a career as a stuntman, while a built-in arcade mode enables smash-happy practice in a number of enclosed stunt arenas. If it sounds like Crazy Taxi without passengers, that's what Infogrames is striving toward.

Stuntman will also support the PS2's upcoming modem and Internet capabilities by offering an online interactive championship mode.

Extra DVD-based options will include movie trailer-style replays, a "making of" video presentation, an interview with a real stuntman, and a trailer for Infogrames' upcoming Driver 3.

We'll be bringing you more on Stuntman from E3 later this week.

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