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E3 2001 Preshow Report: Frequency

Sony announces its music-based game for the PlayStation 2.


SCEA has announced a new music game for the PlayStation 2 titled Frequency. In the game, players can create custom compositions of songs from top recording artists using several different instrument types, including drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. Graphically, the game will have 3D graphical and video content from the artists accompanying the gameplay experience. Some of the musical artists featured in the game-in various genres such as electronica, house, rap, and bass--include Crystal Method, BT, Dub Pistols, DJ Qbert, and Juno Reactor.

Frequency will come packed with six different modes of play. The most prominent of which is the online mode, where players will be able to challenge their friends by sending them their latest remix, or by playing against four other players in an attempt to perform music faster than their opponents.

Frequency is currently on schedule to be released in November. It is being developing by Harmonix and will be one of the first online games for the PS2.

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