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E3 2001: No Sign of Homeworld 2

Relic's highly anticipated deep-space strategic combat game is nowhere to be found at E3.


The most notable absence in Sierra Studios' E3 lineup was Homeworld 2, a planned sequel to the 1999 fully 3D real-time strategy set in outer space. Sierra launched a Homeworld 2 teaser Web site back in late March of this year, implying that the game would finally be revealed at E3 2001. However, apparently in an 11th-hour decision, Sierra opted not to show the game at the convention. Meanwhile, the teaser page (linked here) merely suggests that the game will be available sometime next year. Nothing else on Homeworld 2 has been revealed as of yet.

Sierra Studios' E3 lineup for the PC consisted of several noteworthy first-person shooters, including Aliens vs. Predator 2 and Half Life: Blue Shift; as well as the 3D real-time strategy game, Empire Earth; the action-packed role-playing game, Throne of Darkness; and the involving RPG, Arcanum. The company was also featuring several console games, such as No One Lives Forever for the PlayStation 2, and a new game called Jonny Drama for Microsoft's Xbox console.

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