E3 2001: Metal Gear Solid 2

Konami shows a new video trailer for Metal Gear Solid 2 that raises more questions about Solid Snake's fate in this anticipated sequel.


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Many had hoped to play new areas in Metal Gear Solid 2 at this year's E3, but Konami instead unveiled a lengthy new trailer for Hideo Kojima's much-anticipated sequel. The trailer showed several new areas in the game and introduced pieces of new information on the game's epic plot. The trailer's opening shows Solid Snake sitting in a prison facility. An official circles Snake and remarks on his mysterious disappearance at the end of the first game. "Solid Snake did die. Either he's dead or there are two of them," he says. The video then rolls into a scene in which a platoon of armed personnel are being briefed on the events of the previous game. The team leader talks about a supposed leak of the Metal Gear Rex plans at the onset of MGS2 and declares that the "future of the nation" rests with the new and improved Metal Gear Ray. What follows is a montage of sequences where two new characters are introduced. The first character shown is Fortune, a female antagonist wielding a massive weapon that emits electrical pulses. She tells Snake that she is ready to die and it might as well be at his hands, and a battle ensues. There are several impressive sequences during this fight, one of which shows the paths of the bullets from Snake's handgun distorting as they approach Fortune, barely missing her in the process. Following this sequence, the second new character is introduced. His name isn't revealed, but he is dressed in a dark suit and leaves a trail of carnage behind him as he quickly moves through a group of soldiers.

Next up is a scene on the George Washington Bridge in New York. In this sequence, a Harrier jet is circling over the bridge, firing a barrage of missiles, blowing up the structure. Snake is shown running on the bridge, avoiding the incoming fire, and he then falls into the water. The trailer then cuts back to the opening scene, with the military briefing. Revolver Ocelot crashes the party and asks the team leader for the location of Metal Gear Ray. Snake is shown back on the ship, and he sneaks up on the situation. He calls out Ocelot's name and aims his weapon. Ocelot's arm then begins to spasm, and he calls back to Snake saying, "Brother." Snake asks, "Liquid?" Definitive word on the identity of the Revolver Ocelot shown in the trailer is never revealed.

The trailer ends with the appearance of a character who looks strikingly similar to the Ninja character introduced in Metal Gear Solid. As the light shines on his one-piece faceplate, an unrecognizable human face is shown hidden beneath. He tells Snake, "I am just like you."

GameSpot will have more on the MGS2 trailer, including the first direct-feed video, soon.

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