E3 2001: LucasArts announces Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II

The company is partnering up with Raven Software to bring you a third game in the popular Dark Forces series.


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This morning, LucasArts announced that it will publish the third game in the popular Dark Force first-person shooter series in 2002. Called Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II, the game is currently in development at Raven Software and will make use of the latest version of id Software's Quake III technology to power its graphics.

Once again, the game places you in the role of the Jedi knight Kyle Katarn, who'll be able to wield his trusty light saber and make use of a myriad of force powers to battle the minions of the Empire. Jedi Outcast takes place several years after Katarn successfully avenges the death of his father by defeating the Sith Lord Jerec in the Valley of the Jedi, at the conclusion of the original Jedi Knight game. Since that fateful meeting between him and Jerec, Katarn has since abandoned his allegiance to the Force for fear of falling victim to the dark side. However, Katarn soon learns of another powerful dark Jedi who must be prevented from harnessing the power of the Force before it's too late.

Jedi Outcast will take place in familiar locations as well as new areas, as Katarn will do battle in places like Cloud City, the Jedi Knight Academy on Yavin 4, Nar Shaddaa, and Smuggler's Moon. Some of the Force powers available to Katarn will include heal, jump, speed, push, lightning, as well as various Jedi mind tricks. Additionally, like the previous two games, Katarn will also be able to pick up any weapon he comes across--weapons like the Bryar blaster pistol, the Wookie bowcaster, thermal detonators, and the stun baton.

Beyond that, details on Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II are still a well-kept secret. In fact, LucasArts will only be showing off the game behind closed doors at E3, and the company isn't releasing any screenshots just yet. However, we'll have some hands-on impressions of the game later on at E3, so stay tuned. Jedi Knight II will be published by LucasArts in North America when it releases next year, and by Activision in Europe.

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