E3 2001 First ImpressionVampire Night

We look at the House of the Dead-esque Vampire Night from Namco and Sega's WOW.


Anyone yearning for another entry in the House of the Dead series, your answer is here. Namco and Sega developer WOW are working together on Vampire Night, the spiritual successor to the House of the Dead series, and an early version is being shown at the Namco booth at E3. Vampire Night is exactly like a House of the Dead game in every way but name, so fans of the series will most certainly want to give it a look.

Unfortunately, no gun controller was provided for Vampire Night at the show, so we had to try it out with the PlayStation 2 controller. The game will surely be compatible with the forthcoming GunCon 2, however. Vampire Night retains the art style and presentation of House of the Dead, but the game's setting is much more gothic, having a sort of dark medieval European look. Vampire Night looks and plays so much like House of the Dead (and understandably so) that it's a sure bet for fans of that line of games.

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