E3 '07: Spector goes to Disney Land

Buena Vista Games owner acquires ex-Ion Storm founder's Junction Point Studios.


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SANTA CLARA, Calif.--When Warren Spector last teased the much-anticipated first game from Junction Point Studios, the Deus Ex creator said, "When we DO announce what we're doing, half the world's going to think we're crazy and half the world's going to think it's the coolest thing since sliced bread."

While the game is still being kept under wraps, there is some cool, non-bread-related news about Junction Point. Today, Disney Interactive Studios announced that it has acquired Spector's studio for an undisclosed sum. Junction Point will create original game properties as well as bring classic Disney franchises to next-gen platforms. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Best known for his work on the Deus Ex and Thief games at Austin-based Ion Storm, Spector has been tight-lipped on the details of his current project since founding Junction Point in 2005.

Junction Point is the fifth studio Disney Interactive has added to its stable in recent years. In April 2005, the publisher acquired Tak and the Power of Juju developer Avalanche Software. The following month, Turok developer Propaganda Games was brought on board. In 2006, the publisher picked up ATV Offroad Fury Pro developer Climax Racing, and then two months later established Fall Line Studios, set to focus exclusively on Wii and Nintendo DS development.

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Avatar image for krillinish

Disney is the coolest.

Avatar image for southy787

I'm not sure that this vastly affects the gaming industry, but its an interesting turn of events.

Avatar image for easteast

Disney games aren't my cup of tea, but we'll see how they turn out.

Avatar image for nintendo_fan675

We better have better Disney games

Avatar image for SpazH3d

I like pie.

Avatar image for icytower

Not really sure what to make of the above article.

Avatar image for msudude211

Very interesting...

Avatar image for magicmo

Has sliced bread ever been "cool"?

Avatar image for shinian

I hope that we will be really getting a lot better quality disney games. They always have pottenial but the lack in some serious aspects. Mainly in level design and in terms of gameplay.

Avatar image for jesus_knight

does that mean we will have better quality disney games? cool

Avatar image for Maeros4

well a good game developer on disney related stuff that can be really good

Avatar image for DSJAM

Why is sliced bread so great anyway?

Avatar image for gord_mose

Sounds like that kill whatever spark that may have been left in Spector. Sigh.

Avatar image for DouglasBuffone

That is a pretty nice acquisition

Avatar image for finnjohn

Deus Ex 3 has already been announced by Eidos, guys.

Avatar image for SoralinkGS

wow...Disney Interactive is making some good efforts into getting with Hardcore gamers. If Turok is awesome, I will definately be on board for these moves....(I will be getting the new Turok, no matter what reviews say.)

Avatar image for Steel_Cyclone

Yep, that pretty much removes almost any chance of any good games coming from Junction Point. So much for that.

Avatar image for CaptainSmirk

Um, no it's not related to Deus Ex, 'cause, ya know, somebody else owns that, and not him, and so he kinda can't, 'cause, ya know, IT'S NOT HIS. Some people...

Avatar image for net_mugger

Yeah whatever...

Avatar image for asmodeus_z

I've got a feeling that his mystery project is related to Deus Ex ... :D

Avatar image for jakeboudville

I hope this is a good thing

Avatar image for RaiKageRyu

I wouldn't worry with how Turok has been doing lately.

Avatar image for chrono_wind

I dislike how people are still calling Disney a child's company just because of the stigma that it was given as a developer making games for kids. Not many people complained when Kingdom Hearts featured Disney characters. Disney is just playing the opposite of what Nintendo is doing. Instead of grabbing the casual gamer, Disney is digging into the more hardcore gamer. Even if they fail, I appreciate Disney's ambition to work on projects other than movie games even if it meant a crappy project. At least they're trying.

Avatar image for bossjimbob

This could be the first studio since Starbreeze to make movie games that don't suck. Best of luck, Warren.

Avatar image for krillinish

Anyone worried about lack of mature games because of Disney, read these titles released by Miramax, acquired by Disney in 1993... Kill Bill, Scary Movie, Chicago, Gangs of New York.

Avatar image for DeuxHero

Well Spector still has the benifit of the doubt, unlike Todd.

Avatar image for DatGMan

I doubt Disney wouldn't let Spector release mature content. Disney is always trying to make money, so I think Spector will have most of the creative control. WHEN THE HELL IS THE NEXT DEUS EX COMING OUT? THAT"S ALL I CARE ABOUT!

Avatar image for Squids-Ahoy

I'm part of the group that thinks spector is crazy. Now that Disney owns his shares, I seriously doubt we're going to see any mature franchise entries from thief or Deus Ex.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

I hope I think that the game is as good as sliced bread. Must be a pretty neat project for them to say that.

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Avatar image for dukerav

I really, really want to know what Spector's mystery project is after reading his quote :)

Avatar image for blackIceJoe

It looks like Disney really want to bring out some hardcore games. Looking at what Disney has done with Turok. The future looks bright with Disney bringing games out for the Hardcore fans. So I look forward to what Disney and Spector's studio can come out with.