E3 '07: Rock Band Stage Demo Impressions

Harmonix rocks out at Microsoft's E3 07 press conference. We take a look.


Rock Band

Note to the game industry: Peter Moore is not very good at guitar games. At least, that's the impression one got after watching him play Rock Band along with the developers from Harmonix during Microsoft's E3 2007 press conference. The MS exec managed to hit the start button during the middle of the song not once, but twice. But, considering that we did get the opportunity to see Rock Band in action live during the conference, we're willing to forgive the man's lack of rhythm game prowess.

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During the stage demo, the song "Main Offender" by The Hives was performed by Peter Moore and developers from Harmonix. The demonstration illustrated much of what we've seen in recent footage and noted in our most recent update. What was most interesting was getting to watch the game in action, played by all four players at once. The gameplay seemed every bit as crazy as one would expect a music game with four instruments to be, yet the interface wasn't so chaotic as to make it difficult to keep track of any one instrument at a time.

Though there wasn't an awful lot to the demo beyond the simple, energetic performance of the Hives song, of note was a statement by Moore that the announcement of more bands and tracks would be announced later this week. Stay tuned to GameSpot's E3 07 coverage for more on Rock Band.

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