E3 '07: New Wii Trauma Center leads Atlus lineup

Publisher also reveals Touch Detective sequel, pair of DS rhythm-based games set for release later this year.


SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Last year's Trauma Center: Second Opinion was Atlus' initial foray onto the Nintendo Wii, and it appears the results of that exploratory surgery were positive. Atlus today unveiled its E3 Media and Business Summit lineup of games, headed up by Trauma Center: New Blood for the Wii.

In addition to a new story that introduces characters and operations not seen in the original game, New Blood features a two-player cooperative mode where communication and coordination are necessary to successfully save patients. The game will also have an online leaderboard and spoken dialogue during cutscenes and operations.

Atlus has another sequel on the way in the form of Touch Detective 2 ½ for the Nintendo DS. Picking up in the wake of the first game, players will assume the role of the generally disregarded Mackenzie and attempt to solidify her reputation by solving another case that starts with a series of mysterious thefts. Atlus is promising a lengthier adventure this time around, with twice as many locations, as well as more side quests and unlockables than the original game.

Rounding out the Atlus lineup is a pair of DS rhythm games. Ontamarama asks players to make it through a dozen levels of music-based gameplay, rescuing captive Ontama--"sound spirits"--from tropical islanders under the control of an evil demon. Draglade is a rhythm game that borrows from the fighting game genre with such features as character customization and combo attacks. The game supports online multiplayer battles through the Wi-Fi Connection and local wireless cooperative quests.

Trauma Center: New Blood and Touch Detective 2 ½ are set for release this holiday season in North America, while Ontamarama and Draglade are just confirmed for "fall/winter 2007."

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