E3 '07: Namco Museum Remix Hands-On

How the heck do you fit Pac-Man into Galaga? With a hot mash-up remix, that’s how.


Namco Museum Remix

Namco’s been rereleasing its catalog of classic arcade games for years now. It has done so to the point that just about every platform you can get your hands on can play passable versions of such games as Pac-Man, Dig-Dug, and Galaga. Now, the company is looking to freshen up those old games with a handful of updated remixes of those old games. While the final package will have 14 games to choose from, Namco’s showing two of them here at E3.

Rally-X is a fast-paced maze-racing game where you pilot a car around and collect flags while avoiding other cars. The remixed version stays pretty close to that, but it slows the movement down a great deal and puts Pac-Man at the wheel of your car. The polygonal graphics are bright and colorful. You also have a new turbo boost move to go along with your smokescreen, both of which will help you escape from the chasing race cars.

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Galaga set the early standard for arcade shooters in its day, and it’s still a favorite. This remix version is an entirely different game, and it’s completely insane. Now, Pac-Man rolls along a set path that spirals around the screen. Enemies fly onto the screen and try to shoot at Pac-Man; you can make him jump to avoid shots using the Nunchuk attachment or use the Wii Remote like a light gun to blast the enemies. It doesn’t really feel like Galaga at all, but it’s kind of a cool game on its own.

It’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the games also shoehorn Pac-Man into the proceedings, and the bright, colorful graphics give off a very kid-friendly vibe. Pac-Man is for the children, of course. Namco Museum Remix is scheduled to be released later this year.

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