E3 '07: Microsoft has Scene It

Publisher bringing a new exclusive 360 title to the world; special controller planned.


SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Microsoft's Jeff Bell has revealed that the company will be publishing a casual quiz game, titled Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action. The game will be developed by Screenlife Games/WXP exclusively for the 360.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action is a DVD board game played using a television and a remote control to pick the answers onscreen. Categories in the trivia game include questions on movies, TV shows, music, and sports. The game also features movie and music clips as clues.

The 360 game will be a totally new title, explained Bell, and will have "new trivia questions, puzzle challenges, and movie clips in high definition." The game has been designed to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike, as well as to those both young and old.

Scene It? will come with four controllers called the Xbox 360 Big Button Pads--"for the same price as one Xbox game"--which look not dissimilar to those used by the Buzz! series of games. The controller has a big red button on the top to buzz in, and a series of other coloured buttons to choose an answer.

The game will be out before this year's holiday season. GameSpot will bring you more details on Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action as they become available.

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