E3 '07: Gears of War, Viva Pinata headed for PCs

Pair of Xbox 360 titles from last holiday season being prepped for release on Windows.


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SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Viva Pinata and Gears of War might not seem to have a lot in common on the surface, but the kid-friendly gardening game and the grimly violent shooter were released on the same system during the same week at the height of last year's holiday season. Now the two Xbox 360 exclusives are breaking new ground together, as Microsoft today used its E3 press conference to confirm plans to bring the pair to the PC.

Microsoft's Shane Kim announced both games at the same time, and while he merely acknowledged the PC edition of Viva Pinata, he introduced Epic Games' Cliff Blezinsky to take the crowd through Gears of War and its new exclusive features. In addition to new multiplayer modes and maps, Gears on the PC will feature five new single-player levels, including one where players must take on the hulking brumak. On top of that, the game will come with a level editor for players to create their own killing fields.

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