E3 '07: Gamecock gets in The Box

Independent publisher picks up Spark Unlimited's first-person shooter, due in 2008.


SANTA MONICA, Calif.--Gamecock will be picking up Spark Unlimited's Legendary: The Box, and publishing the title in Spring 2008 on the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Legendary: The Box is set in New York, where art thief Charles Deckard accidentally steals Pandora's Box. He opens the box, and unleashes all form of magical beasts, werewolves, and gryphons into the world. Deckard must find a way to get the mythical monsters back in the box and save civilization.

Craig Allen, Spark Unlimited's CEO, commented, "Like most developers, we've always had a dream game that we've secretly been working on. We've made a name for ourselves with World War II first-person shooters, but Legendary: The Box is our labour of love."

Spark Unlimited is based in Sherman Oaks, California, and was founded in 2002 by former Medal of Honor developers. Other Spark Unlimited titles are Call of Duty: Finest Hour and the upcoming Turning Point: Fall of Liberty.

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running around shooting giant chickens and dogs fun

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pluck teh cock eh.... bye!

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the trailer looks really bad, looked like a early ps2 game, are you sure this is for next-gen.

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The storyline sounds a little bad but oh well :P

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Just watched the trailer, it might just be craptacular!

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Hey Beavis, he said cock hur hur hur hur

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yay another fps yay !!!!!

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Yeah definitely, that gameCock is is definitely EyeCatching. I'm wating to see what is the next one GameCock will be spitting out

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Wow, that is one eye catching title. I almost spit out my 7 up everywhere.

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check out the awsome looking trailer

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Just don't take your GameCock out the box and start playing with it,

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that means more fps for 360 and ps3 thats good news

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Sounds good on paper, we will have to see more about this and see if they will actually make and release it on time.

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In premise the game does sound intriguing to me. Though, in all honesty, I do find myself wondering what Spark Unlimited has made in the past...

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Dude I have to laugh at that company name "Gamecock". Ladies watch out GameCock is coming out hard ,fast and it is huge, They are going big with Legendary Box. This company will be huge with this title. They might just score 12 or more in the box due to the mammoth greatness. Sorry guys I'm done, I just had to have fun with this. I just trying to stop the next 10 repeat post from occurring. I just needed to start my day with a stupid rant before my boring day of work.. LOL

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well gamerooster is an interesting company..

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Need to kill the E3 07 part since they are one of the rebels not going this year. Now for this publisher... I think it is a total joke and the fact is that its not even another funny ass publisher... Now if the company was making a game like Postal then I would be sold but the fact that this "company" is doing FPS and trying to "revive" games is just as silly as the company name itself. Also there is no way that it will be another EA or Ubisoft for the simple fact that if a parent sees Made By: Gamecock or Gamecock Inc. on the box they will not buy it. That kills basically all thoughts of T or E rated games and kills the market where EA and Ubi take the lead.

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Thing is, Lamprey, every time some news regarding Gamecock comes up, there are about 500 comments saying "LOL GAMECOCK I GET IT LLOOOOLLLLLLLZ". It gets old, fast. Like hearing little kids swearing constantly on Xbox Live, actually.

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The game looks promising but I have to laugh at the headline..

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Steel_Cyclone, I was just letting my inner child out at nobody's expense, so stop acting like your soooo mature, it just makes you seem young and desperate to seek approval. Honestly, I've never once giggled seeing "Gamecock". Though, I do somewhat disapprove, but only because after spending countless hours playing games online where people wear headsets, I get used to hearing the word *** (3 letter derogatory word for homosexual, starts with F, ends in G, I think there's a vowel somewhere in the middle) every other spoken sentence. It wouldn't take a sociologist to know a name like "Gamecock" would be received with tons of LOLs, BWAHAHAs, and LMAOs in the gaming community.

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Gamecock gets in The Box eh? They must've thought long and hard to have come up with a headline like that......

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i just cant take these guys seriously bcoz of their name

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"Gamecock gets in The Box" The title is so wrong on so many level, lam not going to touch the sex joke.

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The story sounds really weak. Also, they really need to change their company's name.

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GAMECOCK!!!!! rofl

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Oh man, hands down the best headline EVER lmfao. This will be used around the watercooler for days.

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Sounds good, too bad i have to wait until 2nd quarter 2008

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"Best... Headline... Ever." Agreed. Innuendo ftw.

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Hopefully not rubbish like Finest Hour. That was really boring on the PS2

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it does, in fact, look interesting.

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Best... Headline... Ever. I hope to hear more from Gamecock, simply for the fantastic headlines!

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It looks interesting.

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Could be good. Is it just me, or does the title of this story remind anyone else of that SNL "**** in a box" video?

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another fps?

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"find a way to get the mythical monsters back in the box" Sounds a bit like Pokemon. :lol:

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That is a really good publisher right there

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Best. Publisher. EVAR.

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Thiefs shoot guns I thought they were supposed to steal art.

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Very Interesting.

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This game seems vary different

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Sirspudly: It's a gamecock in the box. Its MY gamecock in the box. Put your gamecock in the box......Where the heck does gamecock get all this money from anyway? They haven't released a single game yet they have over 10 coming out! Thats a lot of boxes! Totaly agree with you man.. Looks like we gota another EA or Ubisoft in our hande but I wish more like Ubisoft, there better.

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It's a gamecock in the box. Its MY gamecock in the box. Put your gamecock in the box......Where the heck does gamecock get all this money from anyway? They haven't released a single game yet they have over 10 coming out! Thats a lot of boxes!

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Interesting, a new publisher. I am actually excited about this.

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A gamecock is a rooster used for fighting, Lamprey. Why is that funny? This game looks interesting.

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