E3 '07: F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate/F.E.A.R. Files First Look

The second F.E.A.R. expansion will tell a parallel story to the events in the first game.


F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate is the second expansion pack to 2005's creepy and atmospheric first-person shooter. As such, you can expect plenty of battles against cutthroat soldiers as well as encounters with paranormal phenomenon. However, Perseus Mandate won't continue the story of the First Encounter and Assault Recon's point man. After all, the rather grim ending of the first expansion, Extraction Point, would make that difficult. So Perseus Mandate will take place from the perspective of a second F.E.A.R. sent in to investigate a parallel storyline that takes place during the events of the first two games.

This new F.E.A.R. team has its own point man, with many of the same powers and abilities of the character in the original game. However, the new guy is not related to Alma, the scary little girl with unimaginable psychic powers. Not being related could be a very big problem, as she won't have any reason not to hold back on you. However, she's not the only thing you have to worry about. There's also a group of mercenaries trying to steal the secrets of the Armacham Technology Corporation, secrets that you're also trying to recover to discover what's really going on.

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Much of Perseus Mandate will take place under the city of Auburn, as you delve into underground levels and facilities. The expansion will feature larger battles, along with tiered combat that takes place on multiple levels. The artificial intelligence has been enhanced to be more aggressive on the trigger, and it's also a bit smarter, which is impressive since the original F.E.A.R. featured impressive AI. There are new weapons, like a grenade launcher that fires rounds packed with nails. They explode and shred anyone caught in the blast. There's also a new assault rifle with an infrared scope that can cut through the clouds of dust and gunsmoke.

You're going to need all of these new toys to deal with the new threats. In addition to the mercenaries, known as nightcrawlers, there are new paranormal threats, such as shades, spirits that come out of the floor and grab you. We saw sequences that are packed with jump-out-of-your-seat moments, too.

Perseus Mandate will be released for the PC, but it will also ship in a special Xbox 360 version called F.E.A.R. Files. This will be a compilation that packages F.E.A.R. for the Xbox 360 along with Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate, the first time both expansions will appear on that console. In addition, Perseus Mandate and F.E.A.R. Files will introduce new multiplayer modes and maps. Details on those have yet to be revealed, but this looks like a solid expansion. Both the Perseus Mandate and F.E.A.R. Files are out at the end of October, right around Halloween.

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