E3 '07: Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party Hands-On

We move our feet and shake our hands to the beat of Konami's new rhythm game for the Wii.


While journalists and fans are content to ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ahh’ about the rock bands and guitar heroics du jour, we chose to remember an older genre-defining rhythm series by asking Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party for a dance. With some crazy new arrow types, fleshed-out motion controls, and an ever-growing song list, this game is turning into a shindig you won’t want to miss this October.

As you might have read in Brian Ekberg’s earlier look at Hottest Party, the big innovation is the use of the Wii controller to add arm and hand movements to the rhythmic mix. In the version we recently played at E3, hand movements are denoted by special arrows that flow up the screen pointing either left or right. When one hits the top, you need to move the corresponding hand, preferably in a fancy-looking way. These are simple gestures, but they add even more challenge for DDR vets and new, hilarious-looking ways to flounder for DDR rookies.

Also new are armored arrows that must be stomped twice before they register. The first stomp knocks the armor off and knocks the arrow about four inches down the screen, before it rises back up. It’s like a double arrow but trickier because it only looks like one. These will definitely put your dancing skills to the test.

Along with these new features comes a robust track list, including re-recorded versions of: 1, 2 Step; Clocks; Hot Stuff; Blue Monday; Disco Inferno; Karma Chameleon; You Spin Me Round (Like A Record); Little L; Yo, Excuse Me Miss; Caught Up; Hot Stuff; Rhythm Is A Dancer; Too Little Too Late; The Sign; Far Away; Lips Of An Angel.

This is only a fraction of a track list that will be at least fifty songs long when the game ships, but as you can see it has something for everyone. So if you like to dance, get ready to move your feet and shake your hands when Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party ships this October.

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