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E3 06: VU Games snags TimeShift

Publisher secures rights to Saber Interactive's time-trotting action game on PC and Xbox 360; Xbox version canned?


VU Games hosted a pre-E3 event for game journalists in the heart of San Francisco today, and one of the games in the publisher's lineup stood out for reasons beyond the game itself. Once the property of publisher Atari, Saber Interactive's first-person shooter TimeShift has officially become a VU Games release.

The game was previously set to be published less than a month from now by Atari, which announced the project as an Xbox and PC game in January of 2005. Atari later delayed the PC game to a May 2006 release, added an Xbox 360 version, and pushed the Xbox version back to June.

The full extent of the changes that will result from the transfer of the rights to VU Games isn't yet known, but a representative of the publisher did say the release date on its latest acquisition had not yet been determined. "We are going to release the product when it's ready," a VU Games spokesperson told GameSpot.

Additionally, VU Games announced only that it would be releasing the game on the PC and Xbox 360, leaving the Xbox version's fate in serious doubt. Attempts to contact Atari regarding the Xbox version of the game were not immediately returned.

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