E3 06: Vicious Cycle preps Dead Head Fred

Offbeat game noir about a brain in a jar's quest to solve his own murder is headed for release on the PSP next year.


Dead Head Fred

D3Publisher of America today tipped its hand on a headless hero set to make his debut at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Dead Head Fred for the PlayStation Portable. Not to be confused with Drop Dead Fred or Right Said Fred, Dead Head Fred is a new intellectual property under development at Vicious Cycle that follows the titular Fred on a quest to avenge his own murder.

After his death, Fred is resurrected in a scientific experiment that has robbed him of both his memory and his head, the latter being replaced by a brain in a glass jar. Lacking a noggin of his own, Fred makes liberal use of his opponents' heads, each conferring unique abilities upon Fred.

Heads, and Dead Head Fred, will start rolling in the first quarter of 2007. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's preshow coverage.

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