E3 06: Trauma Center gets second opinion

UPDATE--Confirmed for Wii, Trauma Center will be making it to home console according to poster at Nintendo booth.


Trauma Center: Second Opinion

LOS ANGELES--With the GameSpot booth a mere stone's throw from Nintendo at E3, we've had to remain ultra tight-lipped about what we've seen at the show before the doors opened this morning. One of the little snippets of information we've caught is for Trauma Center: Second Opinion, which has a poster over at the Nintendo booth. The game hasn't been given an official announcement yet, so there's no word on whether the game will be playable, but we've now heard that it will be coming to the Wii.

The original Trauma Center was a novel puzzle game wrapped in a medical theme. Playing Dr. Derek Stiles, a relatively inexperienced doctor, you had to stop a rogue group from unleashing a man-made disease called GUILT on the nation. Hopefully the sequel will match the original level of insane medical operations, but we'll be certain to have more for you directly from the show.

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