E3 06: THQ reveals six from Nick, two for Revolution

SpongeBob on Revolution leads lineup of kid-oriented titles; Avatar, Nicktoons, Barnyard, Unfabulous, Danny Phantom also make list.


Some may think that "children are our future." However, when it comes to kids, THQ is thinking about now. The game publisher holds some of the most coveted family-friendly licenses in the business with its arrangement with Nickelodeon, a brand of Viacom. In 2004, THQ cemented its position as a children's game powerhouse by extending its Nickelodeon deal through 2010 and inking a partnership with film studio Pixar.

Today, THQ announced its 2006 Nickelodeon lineup aimed at the prepubescent crowd. The kids cable network is responsible for some of the most popular children's shows, including SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly OddParents, and Danny Phantom. In this upcoming year, young gamers can expect to see more familiar Nick names, as well as a game based on an upcoming Nick movie.

The biggest announcement from today's news is a new next-generation game featuring kids' favorite underwater invertebrate, SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob, Patrick, and pals are headed to the Revolution in SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab. The game, which features nine levels spread across Bob's home turf of Bikini Bottom, will also be released for the GameCube, Game Boy Advance, DS, and the PC this fall.

Avatar: The Last Airbender brings one of Nick's newest shows to game consoles for the first time. The show's martial-arts action will kick onto the Revolution, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, DS, PSP, and the PC this fall.

Danny Phantom makes his first appearance on the DS in Danny Phantom Urban Jungle, scheduled to hit stores this fall. In the game, players control the spectral superhero as he takes on his archenemy and learns the new freeze power. Urban Jungle will also be released on the Game Boy Advance.

Live-action teen show Unfabulous is also headed to the Game Boy Advance. As teenaged girl Addie Singer, gamers will have to face one of life's ultimate challenges--the social ladder of Rocky Road Middle School. The game will be based on the characters and events from the show.

Fans of Nickelodeon in general will also get a chance to play as their favorite characters without having to lug around 10 different games. Nicktoons (working title) features characters from several of the network's shows, including SpongeBob, Jimmy Neutron, and The Fairly OddParents. By combining the strengths and weapons, the characters will take on an enemy aiming to destroy a Nicktoons island. Nicktoons is in the works for the PS2, GameCube, GBA, and the DS.

Nickelodeon's upcoming film, Barnyard, will be getting the game-to-film treatment. The film, written and directed by Steve Oedekerk (Kung Pow: Way of the Fist, Thumbtanic), is scheduled to be released on July 28 in North America, and gamers can expect Barnyard to hit the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and the Game Boy Advance a few days earlier. A PC version will be released later this fall.

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Avatar image for whacker40

nickelodoen cartoon based video games= mediocore

Avatar image for -KoN-

You know what I always here, everyone always talks crap about Nickelodean games. It always pisses me off. They're are only making these games for kids.

Avatar image for zxda

I don't care about any of the other game just Avatar. ThQ Scrap all the other games just work really hard on avatar then it will kick ass. Wii is a great name!!!

Avatar image for Nostradennis

Where are the new Tak games ?

Avatar image for crackman64

However, please shift development to another developer. You could make a great prince of persia style game with ubisoft. Or an awsome rpg with square enix. Or something great from capcom. And if rare didn't sell out to microsoft, then there will be unimaginable greatness.

Avatar image for crackman64

Personally I think avatar is a pretty good idea. First person shooting in danny phantom might work too.

Avatar image for sinceps1

GBA456 Hey people, its better to have some kiddy games for revolution than none Death to Thq's games and them. headster04 All these games could do is make it more likely that kids will want a Revolution. Parents wouldn't want to buy a Revolution for their 5 year old kids if the only games available were Red Steel and Metroid Prime 3. Why appeal to only one age group if you could sell to everyone instead? Because. In America we go by the common stereotype because we don't like taking time to really see what a product is about. I used to do that. That's why I wouldn't buy nintendo games when I was a kid. Because it was "gay" I do now though because..... well, who that isnt retarded would call Resident Evil gay

Avatar image for sinceps1

Golden_surfer "Gee. I hope the games turn out good(highly unlikely) because they sound too kiddy. For shame, i thought THQ was going to release much more exciting things for the rev, but it seems I'm mistaken. Bummer. " Nothing worth playing comes out of THQ, I doubt the kids that buy these games even end up playing them.

Avatar image for Phantom2087

Well lets just see if the games are going to be good or not. If their good well I guess thats a few decent sales for THQ. Still I'm not going to buy a $50 current generation games ported over to the Revolution, the so called "new" generation console, with only revolution controller features. I know a lot of people might not agree with my opinion but hey its just an opinion, if anybody disagrees well you can buy the games. I just hope more much better games come out for the revolution.

Avatar image for geesey1324

Question, if the REV is backword compatible then why not make the game for gamecube and just add some cool REV features. Its cheaper then importing it to the REV

Avatar image for Sandman100

It does not sound that interserting games. But there all kid to me. I want be buying any of them. I thought they were going to be doing much cool games for the Rev. Like some FPS action.

Avatar image for metdevthegamer

Neat, the more the merrier.

Avatar image for jjj13

THQ will waste there time on these kinds of games.

Avatar image for dreamcast2121

lets hope these games dont suck like all the other 1000 games that are based of children's shows

Avatar image for Fire_Fly

I wont be holding out much hope for any of those. Avatar is my favourite cartoon at the moment but the chances of it becomming a good game are slim. It has potential but I fear it will slip up like most "kiddie" games. Shame, as Avatar is great.

Avatar image for juanfraino

ok.... why aren we spoessed to be making some mature stuff!!!!!! need more red stell, gunz, survival horor anithing but more games for kids (unless they turn out to be great games)

Avatar image for Keibo

I don't care for any of those games except Avatar... watched it on tv and it was awesome, hopefully they won't butcher the game though :?

Avatar image for chrisdojo

come ON THQ!!! this is pitiful.

Avatar image for KiLLer_ba

Well at lest it some Rev news

Avatar image for USAIQonvacation

QUOTE - meimnobody People! Spongebob games are on the xbox and ps2 are those kiddie systems to you since those games are on them? Grow a frigging brain. Nongamers think every video game console is kiddie. There are far more kiddie games on the PS2 then gamecube. The ratio of mature rated games is much higher on the gamecube then the PS2. RESPONSE - Hooray, hallelujah! Somebody who states something with intelligence so lacking in the majority. Most of the goddamn awful 'kiddy' games reside solely on the PS2. There are also many good to great 'kiddy' games there as well. This isn't the fashion industry where snotty designers only make small sizes so 'fat chicks' can't wear them. ALL consoles should appeal to as many people as possible. Hell, I would be happy if they made fun games that would educate and be fun for a 2 year old or stimulating, fun games for a 90 year old. All comments on 'kiddy' games derive from Neanderthal, peer driven losers who are embarrassed that they used to play the exact same games and now want to see themselves as cool. Call back you IQ from vacation before posting inane comments.

Avatar image for meimnobody

Oh btw Nintendo calls the Revolution a NEW generation system not a next gen system.

Avatar image for meimnobody

Phantom those are games that are recently announced. There are a lot more under wraps that are exclusive to Nintendo or on PS3 or 360. Also it costs far less to put a game on the Revolution and still look graphically impressive then on the PS3 or 360. The 360 is on a downhill slide like the PSP is. There is a lot of disquiet about the PS3 development scence.

Avatar image for Phantom2087

Is it just me or does it seem like third party's are treating the Nintendo Revolution system as if it was a current-generation console? I think the people at ign.com were right about this, first atari anounced it was making a sequel to DBZ: tenkaichi 2 only for the playstation 2 and revoultion, I mean what about the PS3 and Xbox 360? Same thing goes with THQ's new line up of games. They all include the revolution with current generation consoles. Maybe this isnt the case but it really seems like most third parties are going treat the revolutiion like it is a current generation console, which to me sucks because it isn't. It's a next-generation console just like PS3 and Xbox 360 and it should be treated like one.

Avatar image for Nostradennis

Where's the Tak games at ?

Avatar image for Kwiksilva

Red Steel will for sure be better

Avatar image for WholeDarnShow


Avatar image for troakun

It's nice to know that the Revo. is getting more games, even if it's just liscenced ****. This is going to be so much bigger and better a launch/near-launch line-up than the Gamecube's (or just about any system that I can remember). Avatar COULD be good as well, not everything from THQ is horrible.

Avatar image for jono128

Yeah, I guess having some games is better than having no games at all. They just better be decent is all I gotta say. None of that half-***ed port current-gen to Revolution crap.

Avatar image for meimnobody

People! Spongebob games are on the xbox and ps2 are those kiddie systems to you since those games are on them? Grow a frigging brain. Nongamers think every video game console is kiddie. There are far more kiddie games on the PS2 then gamecube. The ratio of mature rated games is much higher on the gamecube then the PS2. Mature rated doesn't mean it is for those looking for a mature gaming expierence. People consider Mario far more mature then the gta games if they have a brain not addled by crack cocaine or juiced up on male stupidty that spike tv, wrestling shows put out on a daily basis. Btw everyone who has played a spongebob game who is an adult says they are very well designed and fun to play. Read what Tommy whatever his name said about his contradictory revolution playing expierence on a spongebob game. If he wasn't a graphics whore he would be estastic in his praise but to him any spongebob game is a gamecube game even though the xbox versions look the same as the gamecube versions.

Avatar image for so_funny15

avatar sounds like it could be really cool. Unfortunately, its a kids game, so it probably won't be. Still, I'll keep my eyes peeled.

Avatar image for redman7t

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for redman7t

No offense but more kiddy games=more kids=less 14 and up.Wich is basically most of the game consumers=Gamecube= disaster

Avatar image for IQ138

i luv kiddie games!

Avatar image for powerman1210

Wow. I'm a big fan of Avatar (yes I'm into cartoons). I can imagine many ways of making a kick butt game out of it. Great idea.

Avatar image for Jonathan007pc

really looking forward for the Avatar game , Hope they don't scew this game up cause I really like the show.

Avatar image for Shingo


Avatar image for headster04

Also..."2006 Nickelodeon lineup"... these might not include other non-Nickelodeon games made by THQ.

Avatar image for headster04

All these games could do is make it more likely that kids will want a Revolution. Parents wouldn't want to buy a Revolution for their 5 year old kids if the only games available were Red Steel and Metroid Prime 3. Why appeal to only one age group if you could sell to everyone instead?

Avatar image for Exxelerator

Screw you THQ!

Avatar image for kurayatin

These games will most likely end up crap, even if some of them will be for revolution.

Avatar image for comthitnuong

this is gona up the stereotype that this is for kids

Avatar image for linkz22

lol , thats all i gotta say

Avatar image for Vellyvel

Some people here act like this is not a good thing. I'm not interested in the game myself, but for others it might be. People with kids! The Rev wants to appeal to all audience, young and old, or rather 5 to 95. So kid games are welcome, if I have a kid soon, be darn sure he is going to be playing my Rev, as soon as he or she can. Not to mention THQ makes money of off these kid games, If they're putting it on Rev, that mean they are confident in the system. That mean Nintendo still dominate that market, only 11 to 95 to go.

Avatar image for xbox_gamer1

Nintendo keeps on getting sissy ass games.

Avatar image for GBA456

Hey people, its better to have some kiddy games for revolution than none

Avatar image for jono128

This is exactly what the editors at IGN were talking about. This BS about developers who don't really think the Rev is next-gen, so they're slapping on games for the Rev that are developed for current-gen consoles. Above that, these are lame Nickelodeon games. Thanks a lot, THQ.

Avatar image for kinncolts

The sad part is that these game will suck major ass..and avatar probably could hav been an entertaining rpg/adventure game if it was made by a proper develper..oh well

Avatar image for NintendoWarrior

hey avatar's awesome xD itll be cool controlling element bending with the controller

Avatar image for coylenintendo

Even though I am in love with Emma Roberts from the Unfabulos show I'm not looking forward to any of those games. (and dont worry-I'm 15 and so is Emma Roberts, so I am not some child loving adult)

Avatar image for nelfer320

I hope they don't make Avatar look like crap cause I'm looking forward to it if its good. I'll get it for revolution.

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