E3 06: The Eye of Judgment First Look

Sony unveils a new PlayStation 3 game that combines card collecting and the EyeToy.


The Eye of Judgment: Legends

LOS ANGELES--Sony's Phil Harrison unveiled The Eye of Judgment during Sony's E3 press conference. This intriguing new game takes advantage of Japanese-style card collecting games and the EyeToy attachment to create some interesting new forms of interactivity.

In The Eye of Judgement, it appears that you'll buy packs of cards, just like you would for Magic or Pokemon, with the idea of being able to create a deck capable of beating someone else's deck. The difference is that when you put the cards down on a table, the PlayStation 3 is able to recognize the card, via the EyeToy. Each card is associated with a different monster, and on the television screen, a virtual monster erupts out of the card. You can then move the cards around on the table, and the monsters move around on the screen, allowing you to interact with them just by moving them. Move them toward another card, and the monsters onscreen will interact and battle. It's sort of like the 3D chess-like game seen in Star Wars.

Not much known is about Eye of Judgment other than that, as the game was shown as just a brief demonstration of what the PlayStation 3 can do with the EyeToy, but it's an interesting idea. It also seems to be one that's inspired by a somewhat similar type of game found in Japanese arcades, though those games rely on sensors on the card, rather than visual identification. We'll find out details about Eye of Judgment as they come.

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