E3 06: The Da Vinci Code Preshow Report

We decipher the details about the upcoming action adventure game based on the ludicrously popular Dan Brown novel, <i>The Da Vinci Code</i>.


Chances are if you haven't read The Da Vinci Code you know someone who has, or you've at least seen other people reading it in waiting rooms, on buses, or in airports. As if it weren't pervasive enough as a best-selling novel, the story is getting the full Hollywood treatment from Oscar winners Ron Howard and Tom Hanks. And now, Dan Brown's novel is also being translated into a video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and the PC. The Da Vinci Code is set to be released later this month, but before that, it's scheduled for an appearance at E3 2006. Read on to learn more about what to expect from the game.

The game is based on the book rather than on the movie, so don't expect to see Tom Hanks' likeness. Apparently the game follows the story but also introduces some new details of its own. The story follows a Harvard professor named Robert Langdon and a cryptographer named Sophie Neveu as they attempt to solve a murder and end up uncovering a centuries-old conspiracy.

The gameplay is a mix of action, adventure, and puzzle-solving. You have to travel to locations such as The Louvre, Westminster Abbey, and more to decipher clues and solve the mystery while avoiding the people whose secret you're trying to reveal. Apparently those people aren't too happy about you snooping around, and they're willing to resort to violence in order to derail your investigation.

The Da Vinci Code is scheduled to be released later this month, so be sure to peruse newly posted screenshots on the gamespace and check back soon for our full review.

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