E3 06: Star Treks warp into Web space

Bethesda's takes on Roddenberry's sci-fi series land Web sites; art, news, info on both Tactical Assault and Legacy available online.


Star Trek: Tactical Assault
Star Trek: Legacy

Those who are gamers and diehard Star Trek fans are probably boiling over in excitement in anticipation of Bethesda Softworks' 2006 lineup. Later this year, Bethesda will release not just one, but two Star Trek games.

Star Trek: Legacy, a real-time strategy game, is being released on the Xbox 360 and PC in the third quarter. Star Trek: Tactical Assault, a "real-time spaceship combat" game, will be released on the DS and PlayStation Portable in the fourth quarter.

To Trekkies, anything Star Trek-related that isn't right around the corner seems like parsecs away. To ease the pain of waiting, Bethesda has launched the Web sites for both games today. If they hurry, gamers can go where only a few have gone before and get the latest details on both titles, including screenshots, news, and game information. Future updates will include fan forums and various downloads to beam up.

For more information on the games, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of both Star Trek: Legacy and Star Trek: Tactical Assault.

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