E3 06: Spy Hunter Nowhere to Run Preshow Report

Midway's newest Spy Hunter game will let you step out of the car for the first time.


Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run

Midway will be showing off the newest update to its classic Spy Hunter franchise at this year's Electronic Entertainment Show in Los Angeles. Subtitled Nowhere to Run, the game will feature former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (Scorpion King, Doom) as the driver of the Interceptor. For veterans of the original arcade game, this may seem like a strange move, as the car itself was the star of the game and you never saw or interacted with the driver. In Nowhere to Run, you'll be able to step out of the car for the first time in a Spy Hunter game.

In the game's on-foot missions, you'll be able to engage in some third-person gun and melee combat, with moves such as body slams and head-butts. Nowhere to Run will still offer plenty of car combat missions, however, and the interceptor will still be armed with classic weapons like machine guns and wheel spikes, which you'll use to engage enemy vehicles. Also, you'll be able to transform the car into a speedboat or motorcycle in situations that dictate a different mode of transportation.

Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run is slated to ship in September for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox platforms.

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