E3 06: Sega unveils E3 games

Next-gen gets rolling with Sonic on PS3, Xbox 360, Monkey Ball on Wii; others include Chromehouds, The Club, Full Auto 2.


Sega has been taking an interesting approach to this year's E3, choosing to trickle out its game announcements rather than bombard gamers with a full list. The "Road to E3," as Sega calls it, continued today with the announcement of The Club, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title.

Even though there's still some road to travel for Sega, the publisher has announced its lineup of games that will be featured at E3. However, there are still three more surprises in store, the company says, likely to be announced next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

For now, Sega appears to be concentrating on the next generation, with titles like Chromehounds (Xbox 360), Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3), Sega Rally Revo (PS3, Xbox 360), and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Wii).

The biggest splash features Sega's most iconic character, Sonic the Hedgehog, as he makes his next-gen debut on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For his 15th birthday, the speedy critter will star in Sonic the Hedgehog, the first Sonic game to be set in "a human world."

A partial list of Sega's E3 lineup, with release dates, is below:

Chromehounds (Xbox 360)--summer 2006
The Club (Working title, PS3, 360)--summer 2007
Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3)--November 2006
Medieval II: Total War (PC)--November 2006
Phantasy Star Universe (PS2, Xbox 360, PC)--fall 2006
Sega Rally Revo (PS3, Xbox 360)--spring 2007
Sonic Rivals (PSP)--fall 2006
Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3, Xbox 360)--fall 2006
Super Monkey Ball Adventure (PS2, GC, PSP)--July 2006
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Wii)--fall 2006
Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3)--spring 2007
World Pool Championship 2007 (PS2, PSP)--September 2006
Yakuza (PS2)--September 2006

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Screw Shen Mue III; where's the new After Burner, and Shinobi 2, and Virtua Fighter 5? It's nice that we'll be seeing more of PSU and that next-gen Sonic, though.

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Since I already got the Japanese version of Yakuza on my PS2 I'm looking forward to Super Monkey Ball Wii, Sonic and Virtua Tennis on PS3, and Phantasy Star Universe PC version... Pretty sweet. Shame there's nothing on Shenmue. Virtua Fighters 5 home console announcement would have been welcomed to but I suppose that that game hasn't even ran it's course throught the arcades here in Japan yet so.... anyhow I'll be enjoying VF5 in the arcade soon enough.

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Who cares about Shen Mue III? Where's the new After Burner, and Shinobi II, and Virtua Fighter 5? It's nice to know that we'll finally be seeing more of PSU and that next-gen Sonic game, though.

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Nice line up but wish Phantasy Star Universe was on the PS3 over the PS2. Virtua Tennis 3 looks good liked it on the PSP hope the PS3 one is fun too. Not to sound fanboyish but I thought I heard Chromehounds was on the PS3 too.Well I guess it is not and at least I have a 360 and will get it on that.

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Tennis is a really boring sport. I don't know why people are exciting over Virtua Tennis 3.

Avatar image for A7Xfan

K so Wii gets screwed outside of a Monkey Ball? Do you see how well Virtua Tennis 3 lends itself to the Wii hardware? C'mon lets take advantage of this.

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Sonic's back! I hope it's not like those other 3D Sonic games..

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Avatar image for nemesis8722

Only one Wii game? Whats up with that?

Avatar image for Flat_Line_____

thejuice707 says: "so they say the 360 isnt powerful enough for their so-called "Xbox 360" game and go throw it on the ps3. haha." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gee thats funny I just look at it as they threw ps3 a bone and gave em a turd of a game lol (if it is anything like the first,and probably will be) So how much power DOES it take to play a pathetic attempt at a racing/shoot'em up? Guess we will find out on the ps3 eh?

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Man i was wanting to hear that shenmue 3 was on its way this year. oh well i am a little bummed out but i will live. Plus there still might be a chance it will be announced before all of this is over....(crossing my fingers)

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Sonic is on the list and that is what we need to see from Sega.

Avatar image for NFunspoiler

Why isn't Virtua Tennis 3 for the Wii? It only seems to fit.

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Wii need more games.

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only Super monkey ball for Wii ??? man sega you suck. well, its not like I'd choose any sega game over Metroid Prime 3 or Super smash bros 3 on launch, anyways

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these releases seem odd. why is there so much exclusion? and mixed exclusions at that?

Avatar image for Jared_Vegeta

Need to fix "Chromehouds"...

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nice :)

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It is a Sonic Team developed game, with Naka and help from some oriingal Gensis Sonic staff, actually, which is why it WILL be good. Since SA2 [besides the Advance and Rush games] Sega USA has made Sonic, which were lackluster...oh, and i think Sega mean the first game brought into the world, as in real life...maybe? OH, and Virtua Tennis 3 is for 360, too.

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I'm happy. There are at least four games on that list that I am looking forward to and they are on systems I own. Better still, they still have three more games to announce.

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Call me crazy (or sexy, whichever you prefer), last time I checked, Sonic Adventure 2 was set in a "human world." Y'know, the whole G.U.N. thing? Or were those just critters dressed up like humans? My bad, Sega. I just can't seem to keep track of your crappy, "hardcore" Sonic plotlines. Forgive me. *boot to the face* That aside, I still love the blue hedgehog and always will; Sonic 3 and Knuckles is probably my favorite game of all time, bar none. Though outside of SA2 and Sonic Rush I've yet to see a worthwhile Sonic release, I'm hoping Sega's ready to change all that with a high profile, next-gen offering. If I'm not mistaken, this is a non-Sonic Team developed game, so maybe we'll see something new in the quality department.

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wheres all the Wii support! come on Sega!!!!

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Where's VF3, E3 cannot be any good without any awesome fighting games.

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I'm surprised no one has posted some like: " I can't wait to play Monkey Ball on my Wii !!! ".................. Sorry to those of you that are sick of hearing the jokes, but that was the first thing I have said about it at all. And come on, I couldn't resist. It just sounds to funny. Ashame that there will always be jokes like this about that console... even if they change the name back now, there still will be those who remember.

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*cry* When will they announce Shenmue 3? It's the one sega game i crave.

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I'm curious about World Pool Championship 2007 on the PSP. Perhaps it would be more polished than the The Hustle: Detroit Streets

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lol 1 Wii game..

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hoped to see shenmue 3 there...yakuza and virtua tennis rock though...

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that Sonic game for the PS3 will surely rock

Avatar image for Redcavalier1

I'm hoping Nights into dreams for Wii is one of those secret remaining titles.

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Well GO SEGA!!! I really hope they make a come back.

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so what you are saying is... psuedo interactive got mad that full auto didnt do well on the 360, so they say the 360 isnt powerful enough for their so-called "Xbox 360" game and go throw it on the ps3. haha.

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w00t! Super Monkey Ball on the Wii!!! :D :D :D Wheeeeeeee! :P Both SMBs were two of my fave GC games...awesome-great pick-up-and-play party games that everyone loved, even non-gamers. Should make natural use of the zany controller.

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Interesting - pretty much confirms a Q3 release for the Wii.

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Not bad

Avatar image for NeoJedi

Some nice titles right there.

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Hmmm, I wonder if two of those three "surprises" might be Shenmue 3 and another Panzer Dragoon game? Preferably another Panzer game like Saga, but who knows. Just my two cents.

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No games for the Wii... Well; I hope that they can show some stuff for the Wii. This will definitely be a great E3!!!

Avatar image for *Revelations

They choose the oddest systems for those games. Why isnt VT3 for 360? And why is Chromehounds on PS3 also? lol just seems wierd to me.

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Well I hope this brings back good Sonic games.

Avatar image for ZeroSka

W00t! Finally, a next-gen Sonic. I really hope its going to be as good as SA1 and SA2.

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"I hope Phantasy star doesnt turn out like FFXI where you have to pay a second cost to go online" You will have to pay an additional monthly fee to play Phantasy Star Universe online.

Avatar image for LordelX

No PSU for Gamecube? Only Super Monkey Ball for Wii? Hmmmm...guess they don't want to make money.....

Avatar image for swordmagnet

I hope Phantasy star doesnt turn out like FFXI where you have to pay a second cost to go online

Avatar image for lostcrab711

i just hope they finally release that sega ages phantasy star trilogy for ps2 after they release PSU.

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-sighs- no Shenmue 3...

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Sweet list : D

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Not a single DS game on that list... Sega sure does like ignoring their most profitable userbase (the Nintendo one).

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Somehow the Road to E3 has had only about 2 good exciting hype-able titles, but this list is really impressive virtually everywhere. Virtua Tennis 3, Yakuza, Sonic, M2TW and PSU...