E3 06: Sega unveils E3 games

Next-gen gets rolling with Sonic on PS3, Xbox 360, Monkey Ball on Wii; others include Chromehouds, The Club, Full Auto 2.


Sega has been taking an interesting approach to this year's E3, choosing to trickle out its game announcements rather than bombard gamers with a full list. The "Road to E3," as Sega calls it, continued today with the announcement of The Club, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title.

Even though there's still some road to travel for Sega, the publisher has announced its lineup of games that will be featured at E3. However, there are still three more surprises in store, the company says, likely to be announced next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

For now, Sega appears to be concentrating on the next generation, with titles like Chromehounds (Xbox 360), Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3), Sega Rally Revo (PS3, Xbox 360), and Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Wii).

The biggest splash features Sega's most iconic character, Sonic the Hedgehog, as he makes his next-gen debut on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. For his 15th birthday, the speedy critter will star in Sonic the Hedgehog, the first Sonic game to be set in "a human world."

A partial list of Sega's E3 lineup, with release dates, is below:

Chromehounds (Xbox 360)--summer 2006
The Club (Working title, PS3, 360)--summer 2007
Full Auto 2: Battlelines (PS3)--November 2006
Medieval II: Total War (PC)--November 2006
Phantasy Star Universe (PS2, Xbox 360, PC)--fall 2006
Sega Rally Revo (PS3, Xbox 360)--spring 2007
Sonic Rivals (PSP)--fall 2006
Sonic The Hedgehog (PS3, Xbox 360)--fall 2006
Super Monkey Ball Adventure (PS2, GC, PSP)--July 2006
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz (Wii)--fall 2006
Virtua Tennis 3 (PS3)--spring 2007
World Pool Championship 2007 (PS2, PSP)--September 2006
Yakuza (PS2)--September 2006

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Does anybody know when the Next game about Vietnam is coming out, or does anybody kno the title. They dont make enough of them, im tired of all these WW2 game,s they come out with soo many each year! anyways reply bak if anybody knows the answer

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I cannot remember the last time I was even remotely excited about a Sega game let alone a group of them. Hopefully both Sega and Nintendo will get out of their slumps. I'm rooting for both of them.

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wheres the panzer series?? :(

Avatar image for cube-gage

house of the dead may appear on the Wii

Avatar image for ssj4_2004

Looks like sega won't even touch the Wii, except with they're monkey ball games of course...

Avatar image for cube-gage

shenmue 3 (well the shenmue trilogy) will be anounced soon im sure of it, and i hope they port yakuza to the psp.

Avatar image for nintendo512

no sonic wii- not cool :' (

Avatar image for Dinghy_Dog

not really much from Sega this year *sigh*

Avatar image for devel05

y isnt Phantasy star on WII??!!? sega wtf?!

Avatar image for SilentDeath777

What??? No House of the Dead 4 on Xbox360 or PS3 yet?

Avatar image for CommandoAgent

I hear that they are working on new rts game That is not on the list cant wait to hear whats the secret game :D btw great games on the list

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AWESOME list! Phantasy Star Universe... I'm so buying it! Super Monkey Ball games... YES!

Avatar image for jimbo102671

No Sonic for Nintendo? If that's not one of the three "suprise titles", Sega may be dissing the big N yet again (and for the first time since going third party).

Avatar image for ultimate_zero

This line up is pretty good

Avatar image for mickel_darmawan

They should make all of their games for PS3 only if they want to sell BIG.

Avatar image for XAF1

I'm sorry guys but I can't call Nintendo's system that stupid name. It's easy to see why Sega and many other developers don't have many titles listed for the Revolution yet. It's going to take a greater deal of creativity to come up with games that will fit the controller. They can't just through any game on the system that is on the PS3 or XBOX 360. The Revolution its self is more of a 360 degree turn for most developers. Now they have to develop outside of what is traditional. And, no developer wants to put a game on the system with horrible controls. The Revolution I'm afraid is defined by its controller and that is what Nintendo was hoping for. The contoller should lend to Nintendo having more exclusive titles from 3rd party developers who are willing to embrace the controller. Also the controller should lead to less ports in theory.

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I'll be looking forward to the surprise announcements. I hope they won't be disappointing. But since it is Sega, I might need to approach with caution.

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If the other 3 surprises don't consist of Virtua Fighter 5, a new Virtual On, and a new Panzer Dragoon, I'm gonna... well.... be quite displeased!

Avatar image for reallaughingman

im glad that atleast one game is for the wii

Avatar image for BallGame

I was so done with Sonic 7 years ago!

Avatar image for crazyguy92

i wish a new jak and daxter was on the launch list ign has one listed as jak and daxter:the lost frontier, not as a launch title though

Avatar image for koolgg

non violent games dont sell as much as violent ones...

Avatar image for wolverine_power

A new Monkey ball game...nice!!

Avatar image for sabru8


Avatar image for Hellisunreal

Yakuza--- waiting for that game

Avatar image for jce4ever

Very small amount for Wii.

Avatar image for Kwiksilva

Phantasy Star should be good

Avatar image for dreamdust

I didn't see any DS games on the list. That's kind of lame SEGA.

Avatar image for edhc44

spaceworlder says Who cares about Shen Mue III? Where's the new After Burner, and Shinobi II, and Virtua Fighter 5? ___________________________________________________________ I do. And a lot of other people do. So shut up. Although we should get over it, I suppose Yakuza is gonna be the only Shenmue-like game we're gonna see this season... Honestly, I've lost all hope on a third installment. Looking forward that and PSU. Stupid support for the Wii... I was really excited when the first E3 lineups began to pop up here and there, now the support is beginning to look more and more Gamecube Man, Sega and Nintendo made some sweet partnership last generation, what's wrong with these guys?

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Sega returns. AWESOME.

Avatar image for aatish_n

Sonic for the PSP, can't wait!

Avatar image for saha1364

Thats wanderfull sega !!!

Avatar image for kekejefferis

Cool quite afew titles im looking forward to there namely sonic!

Avatar image for dcl1993

more games...

Avatar image for jcloverboy

Sonic looks amazing. Phantasy STar should be great too.

Avatar image for tr00pa_26

hey what company made the simpsons game hit and run?? yeah i hope they make a better 1 yeah that is all!!! yeah go mr burns the best of the richestfake people in the world

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yakuza for PS2 gonna be a great game!

Avatar image for metdevthegamer

Can't wait to see the other 3 surprises.

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Avatar image for Doolum

With Sega set on to develop games for the PS3,we can expect only the best...next on Virtua Fighter

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Where are the Wii games, just 1 game.

Avatar image for troakun

Some great titles on that list, Sonic looks like it might actualy be good this time. My only disapointment is the lack of Nintendo support, Monkey Ball is cool and all but there's not even any DS games listed. I'm curious to see what these three surprises are, they must be saving the best for last. Sonic Wii? Virtua Fighter 5? a DS game?

Avatar image for LinkErdrich

how bout PSU for the WiiVolution? Come on now, show some love

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k, well i guess I'll get excited once I learn that sega is smart enough to bring virtua fighter 5 to the 360. I won't hold my breath as they were too dumb to port 4 or 4 evo to xbox. Had to play on my ps2. blegh...

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Call me jaded, but I don't think I care about what Sega does anymore. :P

Avatar image for Bluestorm-Kalas

meh...none of the games i want

Avatar image for placebo787

when was the last time SEGA released a good game? most of their games are subpar or over-hyped piles of garbage!!!

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Cool Line up

Avatar image for Mother-Beef

i like virtua tennis thx cheeseboy.. im sure ppl find cheese borin to. but i cant wait til i c sum chomehounds

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i really hope sega revives the sonic series. and i'm looking forward to yakuza. hopefully, sega comes back WITH A VENGEANCE.