E3 06: Scoping out the LACC

[UPDATE] The Los Angeles Convention Center continues to be adorned with banner ads as the show's opening day approaches. Check out our photo essay and video tour!


LOS ANGELES--While pictures and footage of activity inside the Los Angeles Convention Center are strictly forbidden until the show opens, interested gawkers and passersby can still get an eyeful of the event from outside the building. Sony's "Play Beyond" ads were particularly difficult to miss, but an array of other, more straightforward ads have been put up along the rest of the convention center's exterior.

Where the Sony ad dominates the West Hall entrance, Atari has claimed the high-profile spot above the South Hall to promote Neverwinter Nights 2 on the PC. The span of the concourse that runs between the two halls has been claimed by ads for Vivendi's Eragon, 2K Games' The Da Vinci Code, Epic Games' Gears of War, and Midway's Stranglehold. Midway also claimed the opposite side of the concourse with a banner for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.

For a closer look at the E3 preparations surrounding the LACC, check out the very first Video News Spot, hosted by Tim Surette.

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