E3 06: Safecracker Preshow Impressions

You're a world-famous safecracker, tasked with...cracking safes.


The Adventure Company and Kheops Studio have joined forces to develop Safecracker, an intriguing new adventure game in which you play a safecracker, obviously enough. But instead of traveling the world, seeking out new and exotic safes to crack, you're going to be lucky enough to find 35 safes in one location: the mansion of a deceased billionaire. Apparently, he's hidden away his will in one of the safes, and his family wants you to venture into the mansion, crack the safes, then open the dreaded master safe and retrieve the will.

And that appears to be the long and short of Safecracker, which comes from the developers of the well-received Return to Mysterious Island game. That game earned some renown for its collection of excellent puzzles, and with 35 different safes to open, we're sure that there will be plenty of challenges waiting for players. You'll reportedly be allowed to roam throughout the mansion as you like, taking on multiple safes in any order that you wish. The game also features differing difficulty settings, as well as an in-game hint system, preventing the proceedings from getting too frustrating.

Safecracker is currently scheduled to be released in North America in August. We'll have more details on the game as it approaches its release date.

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