E3 06: Rule of Rose headed to US

Atlus imports creepy PlayStation 2 horror game for release by the end of the year.


LOS ANGELES--Sony Computer Entertainment International's horror game Rule of Rose was released for the PlayStation 2 earlier this year in Japan, but apparently it was too much creepiness for one country to contain. While Sony might have passed on extending Rose's rule around the world, Atlus has announced that it is stepping in and bringing the game to the US.

Atmosphere is key to any frightfest, and Rule of Rose features 50 minutes of prerendered cutscenes (much like those seen in the game's trailers), and a musical score by Yutaka Minobe (Panzer Dragoon Saga, Skies of Arcadia) to help set the mood. The story follows a teenaged schoolgirl caught up in the social machinations of a group of young women, and the players' actions in the game will determine which ending they see.

Rule of Rose is slated for release by the end of the year.

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