E3 06: Resident Evil Wii-bound

Capcom's zombie-slaying series is in development for Nintendo's next console; controller's functions will be incorporated into game.


LOS ANGELES--Resident Evil 4, one of 2005's most acclaimed games and recipient of several Game of the Year awards, was first released on Nintendo's GameCube in January. The Cube seemed an odd choice of platform for the mature content in the game, but publisher Capcom released it as an exclusive for the system before finally porting it to the PlayStation 2 in October.

When Resident Evil 5 was announced in mid-2005, Capcom revealed that it was headed for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360--no Nintendo platform was in sight.

News out of Japan today sheds some light on the Nintendo snub, as Capcom announced that a Resident Evil game is currently in development for the Wii.

The title will be "a new game in the Resident Evil franchise" that combines the series' trademarks with "the revolutionary control system of the Wii." No further details about the game were announced.

The Wii game isn't necessarily Resident Evil 5. Given that Resident Evil is one of its biggest franchises, Capcom does have a penchant for reworking existing RE games and creating spin-offs.

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