E3 06: Reservoir Dogs Preshow Report

The rainbow coalition of bank robbers returns in Eidos' upcoming Reservoir Dogs action game, and it will be on display at E3 2006.


The video game adaptation of Quentin Tarrantino’s cult classic crime drama Reservoir Dogs was announced back in 2003. Since then, it has hopped, skipped, and jumped around publishers so many times that most people probably figured it was on the road to cancellation. Not so, says Eidos Interactive. Eidos announced recently that not only was the game still on, but that veteran actor, and Mr. Blonde himself, Michael Madsen, was on board to reprise his role in the game. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006, Reservoir Dogs will be on display as a part of Eidos' lineup.

In case you're not intimately familiar with the details of the movie, just know that you're living your life wrong in missing one of the more clever and enjoyable crime films of all time. In Quentin Tarrantino's first effort as a writer/director, a team of thieves are put together to pull off a big job. The deal is so major and so hush-hush, that people don't even use their real names, instead using codenames like Mr. Pink, Mr. Blonde, and such. Of course, something goes horribly wrong, and the cops bust up the job, leaving only four survivors to regroup at a hideout in a warehouse. Everyone suspects a rat, but no one knows who it is. Hence, drama.

Reservoir Dogs the game intends to follow the same basic plot of the film, but also to expound upon many of the aspects that were initially left to the imagination in the movie. The game will follow a similarly nonlinear plot structure to the film, and you'll get to find out more details about the thieves' escape, where the diamonds they were after were actually hidden, how Mr. Blonde made it back to the warehouse with Marvin, and the like.

Not much has been revealed previously about Reservoir Dogs' gameplay beyond the fact that it's primarily a third-person action game. In addition to that rather vague fact, Eidos has now revealed that the game will also include chase sequences with vehicle driving. The third-person action sequences will include a couple of unique wrinkles, including a sort of morality-based rating system, where your rankings are judged depending on whether you play more like a professional or more like a psycho. The other system is a threat system that specifically lets you do things like take hostages and manipulate specific situations to try to avoid using lethal force.

In addition to Michael Madsen's role reprisal, Reservoir Dogs will include the full licensed soundtrack from the film, including such hot tracks as "Little Green Bag" and "Stuck in the Middle With You." In fact, one could argue that the soundtrack inclusion is even more important than getting Madsen; though, hey, hearing the real Mr. Blonde again certainly can't hurt.

Currently, Reservoir Dogs is on schedule for a nondescript 2006 release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC. We'll bring you more on the game during E3 2006.

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