E3 06: PSPs headed for Vice City

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories announced for Sony's portable system; all-new storyline begins October 2006.


LOS ANGELES--A wave of jubilation followed by a quick turn to frustration hit fans of the Grand Theft Auto series yesterday. First, good news struck when Microsoft officially confirmed that the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto was coming in October. The smile on their faces was temporary though, as said October was a ways away--in 2007, not 2006.

GTA fans jonesing for more 'jacking got a bit of a reprieve today, as Rockstar Games, who had been rather quiet before Tuesday, announced the next dose of their controversial series would be released in October...2006. Following last year's Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Rockstar Leeds is bringing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to the PSP on October 17, 2006 in North America and October 20 in Europe.

Like LCS before it, VCS will be set in familiar territory compressed to fit on the PSP. It will also feature a new storyline with new missions, but no specific details, including the identity of a protagonist or a time period, were divulged.

"The success of Liberty City Stories on the PSP system was nothing short of spectacular," said Rockstar Games' Sam Houser. "We are excited to once again give our audience a fresh experience in one of their favorite locales in the Grand Theft Auto series, Vice City."

Today's announcement may not come as a surprise to all. In addition to being the next logical step in the series (is GTA: San Andreas Stories around the corner?), Vice City Stories became the subject of rumors when a GTA fan unveiled the Web site www.vicecitystories.com. The simple black page had an authentic-looking logo and the words "Coming 2006 to PSP," but was later revealed simply as an opportunity "just to fool people." The site has since been taken down, and the URL redirects surfers to a GTA fan site.

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2 genius2006... ive been waitin 4 that. but rockstar might wait 4 tha ps3 2 do that since its right around tha corner. id like 2 see wut vice city ad los santos looks like in present day. they keep on goin bakkwards 4 gta. i wanna see tha sequel finally.

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really impressive

Avatar image for Genius2006

How adout an all-new city which plays nowadays?

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Yay, another PSP GTA :) They shouldnt remove swimming though. I wonder if Rockstar is gonna be making a San Andreas Stories. Thats gonna be a big environment for the small screen of the PSP!

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We better be able to swim!!! And how about some harder missions in this one!!!

Avatar image for Unkillable

They should let us swim in the game, I've died many times 'cause I just touched the f*ing water.

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This game better be good cause I dont wanna waste my money!

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ow yeah more civillian killing for me ?!!!

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go VCS

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how cheap...i mean seriously

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I just hope it will make its way to ps2 as well.

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it was great on ps2 why not bring it t o psp. they brought it out on psp because its a great scene and i think it's great, i loved gta vice city so i hope it as good. and it not the only games thats done it. and gta l.c.s. had changed a bet and its not like it was the same story, just the same location.

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still haven't gotten around to playing LCS but even still this sounds cool.

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this is good, but im still not gettin the psp, so the conversion better be better than liberty city stories from psp to ps2

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vice city...here i come again!

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Avatar image for double_darka

im sooooo happy, i canot contain myself!!!!!!!

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Happy to see vice city go portable! I hope Oct. comes soon.

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psp pwns

Avatar image for OGTiago

FFS always "Stories" why cant they make a whole new series? lazy tossers. they cant be bothered to make a new city

Avatar image for Mr_Leg

i hate it when people dont read the full story and assume the wrong thing in this case saying why play the same game again...answer being if you read a little more you would see its not the same game its a differnt story with all new missions and characters in a city that has been in GTA before.

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A somewhat new Vice City. Awsome!!!

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what time period will this take place in?

Avatar image for Skelitor

Great news. Hope they make new multiplayer games.

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im glad they're making it, because vice city was my favorite gta. but, how are going to make another plot there? vercetti took over the whole town! what are they going to do? vice city 1970's? or maybe you play as a older version of Tommy Vercetti in modern day? either way it's going to be fun. i want to see some gameplay! does anybody agree with me? tell me what you think: egraham1991@hotmail.com

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LOL at all the pathetic trolls! Its a new game! The only thing it has with VC is the map everything else is brand new! Its not GTA:Vice city! Anyway MAN the PSP was AMAZING at E3! A real brand new MGS,A brand new Final fantasy,Silent hill:origins,a brand new Rachet and Clanck game,LoccoRocco,A brand new Tekken,Killzone:L(according to previews it was amazing!),Lumines 2 etc' etc'! ^5 PSP owners!

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Lol @ all u h8ers , The only reason you are crying here is cus u dont have the psp urselfs , But for all uss psp owners this is great. I got Ps2 and Psp and tbh IM soo mutch more excited about the upcomming psp games , Tekken , MGS and now this , WOOOW . 3years ago i couldnt even imagine me playing GTA on a handheld system, The feeling of doing it and soon mgs , yeah its over that feeling u h8ers are crying about , just get a psp , u dont afford with 200 ?

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GTA`s for ever

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Yes, vice city is infact my favorite game and/or city. I cant wait till it comes out. this would be even better than LCS. hopfully you can do new stuff like swim or ride bikes or even more.

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anyone else agree that we need trailers?

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yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss i'll pre-order it i sayed that it would happen after lbs that their would be a vcs

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cant wait to get it!! PSP rocks!! oh wait, i'll preorder it with the PS3!! hehe

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Rockstar has pushed the limits of a game incredibly far with the GTA series now. Of course its gonna get harder for them to come up with new ideas quickly. Besides, all sequels are pretty much the same as the last but with a few changes and improvements and a new story or something. Ideas are hard to come up with... If I had a good idea, I could buy myself a PSP!:-P

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Great News!!!

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lol milkage!!!!!!!

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Just more proof, if any were needed, that Rockstar has no fresh ideas whatsoever.

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Wow. GTA vice city on the PSP! I luv pSP.

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Excellent... I can't wait for this, should be very good.

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this is phenomenal. with this and mgs:portable ops the psp will be killer next year. please fanboys dont take this as 'fightin words'

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OMG!!!! I think the next handheld GTA will be called GTA: San Andreas Stories

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i hope it has helicopters and a longer story

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komdosina Wow more ports.---------- Hey, how is this a port? Oh wait, it is not. It is an all new game set in Vice City. Just like GTA: Liberty City Stories. yer such a Sony hater I can smell it on you. I bet you slurp on Microsofts butt and worship the 360 like it is the best thing ever. What a fanboy loser....

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Wow. Another glorified expansion pack/ wastered down ps2 port for the psp. What a surprise. Heaven forfend anyone make a NEW game from the ground up insted of just reusing old ps2 levels from 5 years ago.

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WELL..cool a new PSP game thats gonna be 50 dollars. I can't stand that the psp games are SOOOO much money!

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nice i wonder if there will GTA San Andreas Stories...

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haterz can say what they want. GTA still pulls in the bucks. and the fans. CRY HATERZ, CRY!

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Good thing I didnt spend 300 bucks on a PSP to get recycled GTA stories...oh wait, I did? ****!

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Heh, everyone gets excited when GTA4 is supposedly an Xbox 360 exclusive. But when the PSP gets a GTA game, it's a "port" or a "rehash" and Sony is "desperate"