E3 06: Point Blank DS Hands-On

Dr. Dan and Dr. Don are ripping things up on the Nintendo DS in a touchable take on a light gun series.


The Point Blank series started out in arcades and eventually came to the PlayStation. The series consists of great light-gun games that force you to shoot with care, because you're usually charged with shooting very specific targets and avoiding others. This format translates to the touch screen format of the DS rather well, which should make this an interesting sort of minigame collection.

The tasks you have to accomplish in the game are simple, and they're very clearly described before each one begins. We saw missions like looking at a row of analog alarm clocks and having to tap the ones that are set to 11:00, or shooting cans to send them flying, ideally into the properly colored tray.

In addition to its arcade mode, the game has a section called "brain massage," which gives you some of the more recognition-based tasks and gives you a rating at the end. It's not as brain-focused as Brain Age, but it appears to be going after the same sort of thing. The game will also have wireless multiplayer for two players.

The touch screen almost seems like a better way to play Point Blank than a light gun ever was. That makes us pretty excited to play more Point Blank DS, which is scheduled for release from Namco later this year.

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