E3 06: Painkiller PSP Preshow Impressions

Painkiller comes to a portable platform for the first time.


Although the Xbox version of Painkiller, the popular PC first-person shooter, has had a troubled development history, that's not stopping Dreamcatcher from attempting to port it to another platform. It recently announced that Painkiller is heading to the PlayStation Portable, with all-new content and some new surprises for fans of the series.

Like the previous versions of the game, Painkiller for the PSP will see you take on the role of Daniel, a former human who has been enlisted, after his untimely death, into the army of Heaven and forced to fight against the forces of hell. The game's content appears to be mostly new, with new monsters, weapons, and levels, as opposed to Hell Wars for the Xbox, which was mostly a port of existing PC content. At this point, Painkiller appears to retain a good amount of the fidelity of the versions on beefier platforms, but of course much can change between now and November, when the game is tentatively scheduled to arrive.

In addition to the single-player modes, in which you'll apparently be able to play as a character named Belial (in addition to controlling Daniel), multiplayer play has been confirmed. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more details on Painkiller PSP as they become available.

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