E3 06: Open Season Hands-On

We try our hand at squirrel racing in one of the minigames from the PSP version of Open Season.


LOS ANGELES--The upcoming Open Season movie has spawned a game for just about every platform you can imagine. We had a chance to play the PSP version of the game at the Ubisoft booth at this year's E3.

The demo we played was rather limited, because it only included a single minigame and none of the single-player content. The game we played was a take on the kart-racing formula, where we drove around as a squirrel and picked up power-ups such as nuts that we could throw at our opponents. Occasionally, an icon would appear at the top of the screen, and at that point we were able to hit the L button to get a speed boost. The race was fairly short, and there were only four players participating, so it definitely felt much more like a minigame than a full-fledged game mode. The controls were responsive and easy to pick up, but--to make a terrible pun--the handling felt a bit squirrely at times.

We didn't get to play much of Open Season on the PSP, but what we did see seemed to capture the look and humor of the source material fairly well. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more information about the game and a full review when it's released in September.

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