E3 06: NCsoft kicks down Soccer Fury

Footie meets fighting in Digital Legends' mix of street soccer and martial arts; online PC game to be part of PlayNC.com.


Soccer Fury

For some moviegoers, watching Stephen Chow's Shaolin Soccer led to one simple question: Why didn't the players just use their martial arts skills to beat down their opponents and score uncontested goals? Apparently Barcelona-based Digital Legends Entertainment thought the same thing.

The developer and NCsoft today announced details on Soccer Fury, an upcoming PC game that punches "The Beautiful Game" right in its beautiful face. The three-on-three soccer game is a "street" take on the sport, with urban settings, fancy footwork, and ridiculous dribbling moves.

However, Soccer Fury isn't just a FIFA Street clone, it's more of a soccer version of the classic Arch Rivals basket-brawl game. Unlike the Electronic Arts game, Soccer Fury encourages hooliganism by allowing gamers to dish out martial arts moves on their opponents, rather than rely on crosses and pinpoint passing.

Soccer Fury is expected to make an appearance at E3, and will be featured on NCsoft's online gaming hub, PlayNC.com. No release date has been given. For more information, check out the game's official Web site.

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