E3 06: MLB Slugfest 2006 Preshow Report

Midway's over-the-top arcade baseball game returns for another season.


MLB SlugFest 2006

Midway's hard-hitting, over-the-top arcade baseball game, MLB Slugfest 2006, will make an appearance at E3 2006 in Los Angeles. As in previous years, this game isn't aimed at those looking for a measured simulation of real baseball. But if sluggers hitting line drives that trail flame down the foul line or hard-throwing pitchers heaving a screaming fastball that also leaves a cometlike tail in its wake sounds appealing to you, then Slugfest is your kind of baseball game. This year's version promises the same moonshot home runs, brutal home plate collisions, beanballs, and spikes-up slides that have characterized the series over the years, along with humorous play-by-play commentary from Tim Kitzrow and Tim Shorts, as well as a create-a-team option. You'll also get a full roster of real-life MLB all-stars action. What's new this year is a create-a-player mode, which will allow you to make your own big-league superstar. Slugfest 2006 will ship later this summer on the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

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