E3 06: Microsoft's Rare working on DS game

Developer debuts on Nintendo's handheld with a follow-up to its 1997 Nintendo 64 kart racer Diddy Kong Racing.


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When Microsoft purchased longtime Nintendo partner Rare, it ensured the developer would not be making games for its rivals' home consoles. However, Microsoft's acquisition has continued to support Nintendo's Game Boy Advance with offerings such as It's Mr. Pants!, Donkey Kong Country 3, and Sabre Wulf. Now, Rare is expanding its support to the Nintendo DS.

The company is working on a DS follow-up to its 1997 kart-racing game Diddy Kong Racing, which its Web site said is "based on the N64 classic but improved and expanded in ways that only the DS allows."

Details are scarce, but the developer said it will use the system's touch screen and microphone and have support for eight-player match-ups from a single copy of the game, as well as Wi-Fi support. As far as gameplay goes, Diddy Kong Racing will feature new modes, weapons, challenges, and playable characters, revamped tracks from the original game, and "TT's Wish Races, where you can create your very own tracks."

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It's a huge step, smelling me Conquer, Perfect Dark, Banjo and others again in our Nintendo sistems? Uhmmmm!.... ;-)

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Hey Chewonthestraw - Banjo Kazooie 3 was announced last year, and there is even a fun trailer for it. Check it's gamespace. Rare has stated they have a ton of folks working it, too. I'm excited about that one myself :)

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sooo..... does MS make money off of DKR sales for DS? Or does nintendo, since nintendo owns the donkey/diddy kong license. I think it says somewhere that nintendo is the publisher while rare is the developer.

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really impressive

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screw didy and donkey kong, screw joanna dark, screw james bond... all i want is..... BANJO KAZOOIE i really hope tht rare decides to make a BK game for 360 or DS (360 preferred) like they did with conker HEAR ME RARE! HEAR ME!

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I hate to admit it, but I absolutely loved DKR on the N64. One of my favorites on the console, besides Mario and Zelda of course.

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I don't care about all the Nintendo vs Microsoft stuff. All I care about is... I'm already getting a DS Lite, and I want to play Diddy Kong Racing, because I LOVE that game.

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I wanted a Wi-Fi Perfect Dark port, or, even better, a Wi-Fi new PD, set after the first one, and with an interesting storyline *glares at PDZ*

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Diddy kong's a beast, Can't wait till it comes out!

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Hey Oni, Nintendo couldn't offer them the kind of $$$ that MS offered so they didn't even bother.

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i hated the hovercraft!!! i still have nightmares about missing a turn on a third lap!

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OMFG. DKR was the best game ever!! I've waited for this my entire life. I wanted a sequel on Gamecube, but that didn't happen. I hoped for one on Wii, but as far as I know that is not happening. Then they go and put it on DS!! I did not see that coming! Eight-player multiplayer, Wi-Fi, new levels, new modes... EVERYTHING!!! I read this and I flipped out! I ran to tell my brothers and tripped over a chair, but it doesn't matter because it's here!! Now I can't wait for it!! I've waited nine years and they have finally answered my prayers!

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I've waited so long for a sequel to that game. *cries*

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i personally thought DKR was much better than mario kart. I thought Mario kart was too overrated. DKR is hwat Mario kart shouldv been

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While we have Rare's ear...I only have this to say: Conker: ReloadeDS It's only the best game ever, IMHO. MAKE IT SO! [priddy please?] :D

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We got a close-up look at the Halo 3 trailer--which is reportedly rendered in real-time--with Bungie representatives; its setting is a Covenant-occupied Earth. Coming to ......Nintendo Wii .........Nintendo ds fall 2006

Avatar image for PS-king-llV

We got a close-up look at the Halo 3 trailer--which is reportedly rendered in real-time--with Bungie representatives; its setting is a Covenant-occupied Earth. coming to ..........Nintendo Wii and Nintendo ds

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Microsoft gone lowww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nintendo is getting help from them? wiil sony. I dont think so.

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i don't care if you have planes, Mario kart is more fun. having said that, this might be the first really good game from rare since the N64 days.

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this was definitely one of my favorite N64 games :D

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diddy kong racing was and still is better than mario kart, with its adventure mode and battle modes and planes,hovercraft and karts it jus cant be beat! :)

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I know this is a crack-pot theory, but I think that Microsoft will help the DS library so the PSP will lose sales and thus Sony will put more money into it and thus crippling Sony's resources for PS3. "But thats just one little bear's opinion"

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RARE! We want Goldeneye DS! We want it now! With Wireless Multiplayer! Re-name it, license the music, whatever u have to do...JUST GET ER DONE! GOLDENEYE DS!!!!! GOLDENEYE DS!!!! GOLDENEYE DS!!!!!! PLEASE RARE...PLEASE!?!?!?!?!?!

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Can't wait to own everyone when it comes out with NWC XD.

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While it may be nothing, I think we can take this as proof that MS doesn't have any handheld plans for the immediate future. "Immediate" meaning the next 3 years at the latest.

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Cool its nice to see M$ letting games come through on the handhelds

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it's about the $$$ baby!

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if microsoft had a handheld i doubt there would be any rare game anywhere else

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sweet! Diddy Kong Racintg was an awesome Racer on the N64.

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As long a as Microsoft doesn't have a portable device, Rare can work for Nintendo or Sony. It's good to read that they are still developing games for the Nintendo DS. They are a very capable studio and I'm willing to see more games from Rare in a Nintendo platform.

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Rare feels so sorry for itself it knows it can only do good for nintendo Rares excellent games for NINTENDO:DKR,Perfect Dark, and Conkers Bad Fur Day(and they all have awesome potential for multiplayer capabilities)Nintendo Please allow These games to be downloaded on the Wii.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dont dissapoint me. FOR MICROSOFT:...none(gasps)you know why? because rare tried to be all fancy with Graphics.though it didnt help or make the game/ CONKERS BAD FUR DAY is a CLASSIC dont go and ruin that. Its a way better(1000000000000000X) version of conkers live and reloaded...Rare you shouldve just made it like the old conkers I loved the old Multiplayer styles(Raptors and War) I LOVED THEM and now its all ruined because of you..........................................................................................................................................NOW GO BACK TO WORK with these two magnifecent companies and you better be the best company that you were...

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According To IGN, There Was Also A Diddy Kong Racing Game Announced For Wii.

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Let's hope Rare can recapture a fraction of the magic they had in the n64 days.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Keep it, Rare !! ...I won't be fouling up my DS Lite with your 'humour' or 'skills'... You're BORING go back to making Conker - Aint What It Used To Be vol5 or whatever.

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this is to the kiddies who talk all that smack without so much as a trace of any knoledge of what goes on in the industry but still run their mouths: Nintendo sold Rare ltd. Its not like Rare decided to "betray " Nintendo . This was just a business deal . Rare was great back in the day . They were doing everthin right on the N64 , I mean they came up with blast corps , banjo, perfect dark,etc, . The problem is that they never evolved. They are stuck in the N64 era(gameplay wise), you don't agree? Play Perfect Dark Zero... Go now , I'll wait....Done? Looks kinda pretty huh? Plays just like its predecessor huh? Kameo was jus stunning to look at ...in some areas. But what a chore it was to play. I bought the 360 when ghost reccon came out and that was the first game on it i played to the end. I mention this because when i bought the system my brother had his already since launch with 3 games project gotham racing , and the 2 Rare games. He gave me the Rare games as a gift , and Kameo was still factory sealed. I asked him about perfect dark and he replied ,"well its not G.R.A.W.". He didnt want to say "oh its ok " , because he has fond memories of the original. I could go on and on , but the point is this, Rare dropped the darn ball and have not hurried to pick it up . They proved that they can still make pretty games , but have forgotten how to make them fun. Oh well , i guess Nintendo must have used some kind of crystal ball to look into the future, but then again they would have forseen the cube failing. At leat they walked out with a good chunk of change. just play thegood ones in the virtual console and be happy for the good times you had.

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never played the original, so this could be interesting

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I hope they ditch the hovercraft, that thing was unsteerable, even with the benefits of an analog stick.

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For racing games, they need to make the AI better, and Polyphony could learn a thing or too. They cant have them follow a path and they cant be cheap and just make everyone faster if they are behind. You could race perfect in Mario Kart but never blow anyone out because they would somehow always catch up to you.

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It's cool that u can make ur own traks too......I wonder how many u'll be able to save.......

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It'd be cool if Microsoft gets them to make a port of Halo for the DS, though it's highly unlikely. They want to make money off it, but i dont think they are willing to risk giving TOO much money to nintendo off of their IP.....then again, ya never know.......and we can always dream/ hope.

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DKR was better than Mario Kart in my opinion. It had a longer replay value by far and it'll be nice to see an updated version of it.

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Matress_Of_Evil, Rare aren't traders Nintento was the one who didn't want them.

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why does theu betrey nintendo and try to come back, i don't think that nintendo sold them because they want some money (because the make great games) but rare want some pitiful money that bill gates offer them. they can rot in the hell all i care. and beside that wii have Retro studios, intelligent system and brownie games, we don't need them.

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yay !

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hopefully this leads to other Rare games on the DS.......never really liked Diddy Kong Racing.......

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They don't have a contract with Microsoft, they are owned by Microsoft. It would be like saying "why doesn't Retro leave Nintendo?". Multiplayer was good on Diddy Kong Racing, but the single player mode sucked.

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