E3 06: Microsoft's Rare working on DS game

Developer debuts on Nintendo's handheld with a follow-up to its 1997 Nintendo 64 kart racer Diddy Kong Racing.


When Microsoft purchased longtime Nintendo partner Rare, it ensured the developer would not be making games for its rivals' home consoles. However, Microsoft's acquisition has continued to support Nintendo's Game Boy Advance with offerings such as It's Mr. Pants!, Donkey Kong Country 3, and Sabre Wulf. Now, Rare is expanding its support to the Nintendo DS.

The company is working on a DS follow-up to its 1997 kart-racing game Diddy Kong Racing, which its Web site said is "based on the N64 classic but improved and expanded in ways that only the DS allows."

Details are scarce, but the developer said it will use the system's touch screen and microphone and have support for eight-player match-ups from a single copy of the game, as well as Wi-Fi support. As far as gameplay goes, Diddy Kong Racing will feature new modes, weapons, challenges, and playable characters, revamped tracks from the original game, and "TT's Wish Races, where you can create your very own tracks."

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