E3 06: Marvel card game decks PCs, portables

Konami adapts Upper Deck's collectible trading card game for crossover play on PSP and PC; DS version also in works.


LOS ANGELES--Crossovers are common in the Marvel universe, with a long tradition of superhero team-ups like Spider-Man and the X-Men or the Avengers and the Submariner. Konami's adding another to that list with crossover play between PSP and PC players of its upcoming Marvel Trading Card Game, which is also slated to hit the Nintendo DS.

Based on baseball card manufacturer Upper Deck's Vs. System collectible card game, Konami's new title will let players create their own decks from hundreds of cards featuring characters pulled from the entire Marvel universe. Players can then hop online to pit their custom decks against others across the room or across the country in a variety of modes and tournaments. For authentic tournament conditions, players can compete with randomly generated decks in matches. They'll also be able buy new cards in booster packs from the game's online store, or post cards up for possible trades with other players.

Offline, players will be able to pit their skills against the game's single-player story mode, where they will not only choose whether to play as a hero or a villain, but also choose the series of enemies they will face. The solo mode will feature a story with multiple branches that players can explore in order to earn more cards.

Marvel Trading Card Game is set for release this fall. Konami will have a playable version of the game at its E3 booth, so check back soon for more coverage from GameSpot.

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