E3 06: Lumines Live! Hands-On

Q Entertainment's popular PSP puzzle game is popping up all over the place--including on Xbox Live Arcade.


Lumines Live!

LOS ANGELES--As part of the Xbox Live Arcade portion of Microsoft's Electronic Entertainment Expo '06 press conference, Xbox spokesman Peter Moore revealed that Q Entertainment's popular PlayStation Portable puzzle game would make an appearance on the Xbox 360 in the form of Lumines Live!

Lumines Live! has a few different modes in it, but the gameplay seems to be pretty much identical to the PSP original. The modes include a regular single-player mode, a skin-edit mode, and some multiplayer options. There's also a mode that puts music videos behind the action. A Madonna video is being used in the demo version, and a deal with Warner Music will supply further video content. It's unknown if you'll have to pay for additional videos or not.

The display is very clean and very, very sharp on the HDTV displays that Microsoft is showing the Xbox 360 games on. While the game may have a simple look, the visual style and crisp display make it look awfully striking. Lumines Live! is scheduled to hit the Xbox Live Arcade later this year.

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