E3 06: Lair First Look

Sony unveils a new PlayStation 3 game from Factor 5 involving mounted combat on dragons.


LOS ANGELES--During Sony's E3 press conference, we got to see a brief video of a new game from Factor 5 called Lair. The video began with an armored knight riding a dragon into combat. After that mounted knight dove down into the clouds, we saw other mounted dragon knights using their beasts to attack infantry, one dragon breathing fire into a group of soldiers and another tossing a footman up into the air. The camera then switched to an airborne view of one dragon knight using a morningstar-like weapon to attach to another airborne dragon and jump over onto its back. That knight then killed the pilot of that dragon from behind as the camera panned back, showing dozens of dragons flying around in the sky. It's tough for us to say if any of that sequence was actual gameplay, or prerendered computer graphics, but the detailed visuals certainly looked cool. Stay tuned to GameSpot for more details on Factor 5's new PlayStation 3 game, Lair, as they become available.

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